Join us for unique webinars on health, homeopathy and nutrition. These teacher led talks will cover a variety of natural health topics. Low cost presentations, delivered live across the internet to you at home.

Webinar subjects past and present:

Homeopathy - Mindfulness
Homeopathy – The Vital Force
Nutrition – Blood Sugar 
Homeopathy  – The Tao of the Vital force
Nutrition  – Loving Your Liver
Homeopathy  – For Mental Health
Homeopathy  – ‘Timelines’ in Case Taking
Nutrition  – Leaky Gut - 18th October 8pm
Homeopathy  – Prescribing for Acutes - 15th November 1pm
Nutrition  – Mood Boosting Nutrition - 13th December 8pm

Anyone can join these webinars, you simply log on from home - all you need is your computer and a reasonable internet connection. They last about 60 - 80 mins, the online software is simple to use and you will be sent full instructions before the webinar starts. You will be able to see and hear the teacher and view the slide presentation and you can interact by typing questions. Webinars are a great way to learn from the comfort of your home and engage with teachers. They help develop a greater connection with the School, your studies, natural health and your learning.

You can purchase past webinars, just email Jen at jennie@soh.uk.com with list of the webinars you would like to purchase. (prices below)

Price per webinar:

£20.00 for non School of Health students.
£10.00 for School of Health students.

Webinar information:

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