Naturopathy Courses

Naturopathy Course

Coming soon! Launching in Summer 2019. A new in-depth distance learning course in Naturopathy. Choose between Online or Correspondence. Start when you like and study at a pace that suits you. Course includes ten comprehensive Units of study, reading lists, self assessment questions, assignments, tutor marking, movie lectures, a face-to-face clinical event and certification.

Naturopathy Course Units:
1: Ayurveda
2: Chinese Medicine
3: Tibetan & Unani Medicine
4: Homeopathy
5: Naturopathy
6: Homotoxicology
7: Psychosocial Skills
8: Iridology
9: Hydrotherapy
10. Dentistry


For more information about this exciting new course please contact us, we are here to help.

A programme that combines the four main Eastern medicines with Naturopathy disciplines.