Building Your Practice
Course Contents

This module comes complete with the course material, handouts, assignments and movie lectures to guide you through the learning.


      Before you get started   
      Course Structure   
1.   Introduction   
2.   Philosophy   
2.1 It’s All About You   
2.2 Getting an Overview   
      Exploring your environment   
      The pathway through the landscape    
      The guiding light    
      How you do what you do    
      At the centre of it all    
      I have a dream    
2.3 The Business Model   
2.4 Presenting to the External World   
      Your environment    
      The service    
      The experience    
2.5 Organising your Internal World    
2.6 Patient Journey’s    
2.7 Bust a Belief    
2.8 Sustaining the Flight    
2.9 Learning from Others    
2.10 Summary    
3.   Self Assessment Questions    
4.   Assignments    
4.1 Preparing for Practice    
      U1PQ1/g: Putting Your Personality Into Your Practice    
      U1PQ2/g: Patient Journey    
      U1PQ3/g: Marketing mix and planning    
      U1PQ4/g: Communication examples    
4.2 Sending your Assignments   
5. Figures 
- A Consistent Story
- Advertising
- Attitudes Towards Business & Money
- Business Planning Model
- Bust a Belief
- Case Study
- Delivering your Vision
- Different Brand Personalities
- Domain Names
- Dream
- Finance Calculator
- Friends in the Market Place
- Increasing Magnetism
- Increasing Value
- Leaflet Design
- Marketing
- Money
- Patient Journey: Version 1
- Patient Journey: Version 2
- Positioning
- Report on Research into Thriving Practice
- Social Media
- Stepping Stones to Success
- The Healthcare Professional’s Portfolio
- The Rhythm of Practice
- Thriving Communication
- Thriving Homeopathy Practice
- Values
- Vision

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Building Your Practice

Building Your Practice