Naturopathy Course


Teacher Movies

1: Ayurveda Teacher Length
Ayurveda 1 Mary Sharma 19m
Ayurveda 2 Mary Sharma 18m
Ayurveda 3 Mary Sharma 15m
Ayurveda 4 Mary Sharma 19m
Ayurveda 5 Mary Sharma 17m
Ayurveda 6 Mary Sharma 16m
Ayurveda 7 Mary Sharma 16m
Ayurveda 8 Mary Sharma 15m
Ayurveda 9 Mary Sharma 13m
Ayurveda 10 Mary Sharma 10m
Ayurveda 11 Mary Sharma 15m
Ayurveda 12 Mary Sharma 17m
Ayurveda 13 Mary Sharma 8m
Ayurveda 14 Mary Sharma 13m
Ayurveda 15 Mary Sharma 13m
Ayurveda 16 Mary Sharma 15m
Ayurveda 17 Mary Sharma 14m
2: Chinese Medicine  Teacher Length
Chinese Medicine 1 Mary Sharma 12m
Chinese Medicine 2 Mary Sharma 10m
Chinese Medicine 3 Mary Sharma 7m
Chinese Medicine 4 Mary Sharma 14m
Chinese Medicine 5 Mary Sharma 10m
Chinese Medicine 6 Mary Sharma 14m
5 Elements 1 Pam Everitt 11m
5 Elements 2 Pam Everitt 10m
5 Elements 3 Pam Everitt 10m
5 Elements 4 Pam Everitt 19m
5 Elements 5 Pam Everitt 17m
5 Elements 6 Pam Everitt 17m
5 Elements 7 Pam Everitt 4m
3: Tibetan & Unani Teacher Length
Tibetan 1 Mary Sharma 14m
Tibetan 2 Mary Sharma 12m
Tibetan 3 Mary Sharma 9m
Tibetan 4 Mary Sharma 18m
Tibetan 5 Mary Sharma 12m
Tibetan 6 Mary Sharma 15m
Tibetan 7 Mary Sharma 9m
Tibetan 8 Mary Sharma 14m
Tibetan 9 Mary Sharma 16m
Tibetan 10 Mary Sharma 20m
Tibetan 11 Mary Sharma 18m
Unani 1 Shahid Bhukari 18m
Unani 2 Shahid Bhukari 15m
Unani 3 Shahid Bhukari 16m
Unani 4 Shahid Bhukari 16m
Unani 5 Shahid Bhukari 13m
Unani 6 Shahid Bhukari 12m
Unani 7 Shahid Bhukari 11m
Unani 8 Shahid Bhukari 10m
Unani 9 Shahid Bhukari 10m
4: Homeopathy  Teacher Length
Homeopathy 1 Mani Norland 15m
Homeopathy 2 Mani Norland 16m
Homeopathy 3 Mani Norland 12m
Homeopathy 4 Geoff Johnson 17m
Homeopathy 5 Geoff Johnson 15m
Homeopathy 6 Geoff Johnson 9m
Homeopathy 7 Geoff Johnson 17m
Homeopathy 8 Geoff Johnson 15m
Homeopathy 9 Geoff Johnson 11m
Homeopathy 10 Geoff Johnson 19m
Homeopathy 11 Geoff Johnson 19m
Miasms 1 Jo Daly 12m
Miasms 2 Jo Daly 16m
Miasms 3 Jo Daly 20m
Miasms 4 Jo Daly 21m
Miasms 5 Jo Daly 15m
Miasms 6 Jo Daly 15m
Miasms 7 Jo Daly 16m
Miasms 8 Jo Daly 12m
Miasms 9 Jo Daly 20m
Miasms 10 Jo Daly 10m
Miasms 11 Jo Daly 13m
5: Naturopathy Teacher Length
Naturopathy 1 Mary Sharma 14m
Naturopathy 2 Mary Sharma 13m
Naturopathy 3 Mary Sharma 13m
Naturopathy 4 Mary Sharma 5m
Naturopathy 5 Mary Sharma 15m
Naturopathy 6 Mary Sharma 16m
Naturopathy 7 Mary Sharma 16m
Naturopathy 8 Mary Sharma 7m
Naturopathy 9 Mary Sharma 16m
Naturopathy 10 Mary Sharma 8m
Naturopathy 11 Mary Sharma 14m
6: Homotoxicology Teacher Length
Homotoxicology 1 Mary Sharma 8m
Homotoxicology 2 Mary Sharma 11m
Homotoxicology 3 Mary Sharma 8m
Homotoxicology 4 Mary Sharma 13m
Homotoxicology 5 Mary Sharma 17m
Homotoxicology 6 Mary Sharma 17m
Homotoxicology 7 Mary Sharma 16m
Homotoxicology 8 Mary Sharma 15m
7: Psychosocial Teacher Length
Psychosocial Skills 1 Mary Sharma 16m
Psychosocial Skills 2 Mary Sharma 15m
Psychosocial Skills 3 Mary Sharma 10m
Psychosocial Skills 4 Mary Sharma 10m
Psychosocial Skills 5 Mary Sharma 11m
8: Iridology  Teacher Length
Iridology 1 Mary Sharma 11m
Iridology 2 Mary Sharma 12m
Iridology 3 Mary Sharma 16m
Iridology 4 Mary Sharma 14m
Iridology 5 Mary Sharma 19m
Iridology 6 Mary Sharma 8m
9: Hydrotherapy Teacher Length
Hydrotherapy 1 Mary Sharma 13m
Hydrotherapy 2 Mary Sharma 15m
Hydrotherapy 3 Mary Sharma 15m
Hydrotherapy 4 Mary Sharma 12m
Hydrotherapy 5 Mary Sharma 9m
10. Oral Health
Teacher Length
Oral Health 1 Sue Farrer 15m
Oral Health 2 Sue Farrer 11m
Oral Health 3 Sue Farrer 17m
Oral Health 4 Sue Farrer 13m
Oral Health 5 Sue Farrer 20m

Teacher biographies

The following teachers provided material and lectures for this Naturopathy Course.

 Mary Sharma

Mary Sharma ND
Mary became a nutritional therapist in 2002 after training with the Plaskett College of Nutritional medicine. Since then she has trained in many disciplines including homotoxicology, Iridology and Ayurveda.

Mary's interest in nutrition started many years earlier, in her teens when her mother used nutrition to support herself whilst coming off of the many drugs that she had been prescribed for her spinal tumour a few years earlier. This was the 1970’s when little was known about nutrition, or even alternative medicine. It was several years later, after the birth of her first child, that Mary discovered a small course in ‘Allergy Therapy’ which taught muscle resistance testing to identify food sensitivities. This course taught Mary how to test effectively for food and chemical sensitivities and how to assist people with dietary changes so that they could return to health. However, the course did not fully answer her questions as to why people had become intolerant to certain foods or chemicals in the first place. It was at this point, whilst still training in allergy therapy, that Mary was told of a short correspondence course in Nutrition. This course began to answer questions for her, such as why people got ill, how we can give our children a healthier future and how good nutrition was the basis of optimal health.

Mary has been in private practice since 1994 and works alongside many other disciplines. Mary's passion is now to offer training in naturopathic medicine so that other practitioners can bring this message to their clients and make this a healthier, happier place to live.

 Pam Everitt

Pam Everitt DipM, Lic.Ac., BA(Hons), MBAcC.
Pam is a traditional Chinese acupuncturist with well-established practices in Cheltenham, Stroud and Newent. As a qualified member of the British Acupuncture Council, she follows the highest standards of safe practice and professional conduct. Pam provides a holistic service to her clients across the whole County including Bishops Cleeve, Cirencester, the Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury. She helps them with a range of symptoms including depression, grief, emotional issues, mental health, pregnancy, fertility, back pain, migraine, menopause, digestion, shoulder pain, sleep and prostate issues.

Geoff Johnson

Geoff Johnson RSHom
Geoff has been a vet for 20 years and until recently ran a busy mixed surgery treating everything under the sun on the edge of Exmoor! However the bug of homeopathy bit him unexpectedly one hayfever summer and he subsequently trained as a homeopathic vet. When animal owners starting asking for whatever Daisy had had for their own ailments he became a homeopath for people too. Now he runs a purely homeopathic surgery and doesn’t know how many legs his patient will have until looking into the waiting room. Geoff has a wonderful teaching style that is always appreciated by students.

 Shahid Bukhari

Shahid Bukhari ND
Shahid is a practicing Herbalist, registered Homeopath, Master Iridologist and Naturopath and a member of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists and a council member of the Geral Naturopathic Council ( His skill lies in recognising the underlying causes of dis-ease. Shahid takes an innovative and synergistic approach, combining different traditional medicine with modern practices. This includes, pulse analysis, Iridology, temperament assessment, tongue analysis, Tung acupuncture, fasd (pricking), cupping (wet & dry), Gua sha and nutrition. He prepares unique bespoke medicinal remedies when needed.

 Sue Farrer

Sue Farrer, BSc Hom (Hons) MFHom Dent
Over the last thirty years Sue has devoted much time to the study and application of classical homeopathy, homotoxicology and clinical nutritional supplementation to support the healing process in dental healthcare. For fifteen years she taught classical dental homeopathy to medical and dental professionals at Bristol and the London Homeopathic Hospital. She has lectured at the Speakers Training Course at Heel Germany and the Heel conference London. Sue is a founding member of the BHDA (British Homeopathic Dental Association), a member of the Society for Homotoxicology and Anti-Homotoxic Therapy GB and is registered with the Faculty of Homeopathy. She has co-authored two research papers published in the journal Homeopathy and has written many articles for journals.

Jo Daly

Jo Daly, CCH
Currently Dean of Education at the School of Homeopathy, New York, Jo began teaching in England in the 80’s and then moved to the US where she was a founder of the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy. Jo has been in practice for over 25 years and has been a popular lecturer in many schools. Her life and practice have been immersed in an exploration of the mystery of the human condition from physical to spiritual.

 Mani Norland

Course Director: Mani Norland RSHom
Mani Norland is Managing Director of The School of Health and Principal of the School of Homeopathy. Mani trained as a homeopath with the School of Homeopathy. Mani is a founding member of Homeopathy Course Providers Forum and a founding member of the 4Homeopathy (the pro homeopathy group of 11 organsations in the UK). With this group Mani has been instrumental in the re-branding of homeopathy in the UK with the development of a new logo, celebrity campaigns and media intervention. Mani also teaches students in the 4th year about setting up in practice. In his ‘other life’ Mani worked in London as a brand and business consultant for over 10 years. He advised board level directors on business creation, vision and image. Mani is passionate about the positive promotion of homeopathy to the general public and has written many consumer facing articles on homeopathy and been interviewed on BBC radio several times.

 Amanda Norland

Course Manager: Amanda Norland BA(Hons)
Amanda Norland is a Director of The School of Health. She is also Course Manager for the Homeopathy First-Aid Course. One of her principal roles is to look after the wellbeing of the students. Amanda is responsible for the The School of Health network of Tutors and Supervisors. She studied homeopathy at the School of Homeopathy. As well as running the business, she also nurtures her homeopathy practice. Prior to taking up her position with The School of Health, Amanda trained as a designer and worked in Bristol and London. Her role led her into talent management at 20|20, where she was responsible for a team of over 20 designers.

All our teachers, tutors and course authors are successfully health therapists and practitioners in their own right.

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