Homeopathy Courses

Homeopathy courses

Make life better: become a homeopath! We have a selection of award winning distance learning homeopathy courses from beginner to practitioner level so you can find the perfect course for your needs. The practitioner course is fully recognised by The Society of Homeopaths.  If you are interested in Attendance, please go to www.homeopathyschool.com


First Aid Courses: Home, Baby & Pets

Perfect for acute and everyday, more superficial health needs.
This beautifully designed complete package takes you through the basics of homeopathy to the level at which you should be able to identify the common remedies used for treating everyday illnesses such as burns, skin complaints, flu, colds, fright etc. The complete course comes with a remedy kit of 36 remedies. Ths course is 'stand alone' and does not credit you into the main progarmme, but it can be a perfect starting place. This is home study only.

Taster Course 

Nibble at this course if you want to try the Foundation course out.
If you feel unsure about committing to the Foundation course straight away then you can take a first step with the Taster course. The Taster comprises the first two ‘Study Units’ from Year 1 Foundation and it introduces the subjects of homeopathic philosophy, materia medica and how to approach the repertory etc. If you felt that this was great (and hopefully you will!), then you can continue straight into Unit 3 of Foundation when you are ready. This is home study only.

Year 1 Foundation Course 

Do you want to confidently prescribe for your family? This level is for you!
If you want to become a homeopath then you start your training here (or more tentatively with the Taster Course). For some people, this is as far as they need to go - and that is great too. The Foundation Course makes a complete arch, from first principles to the finished structure of classical homeopathy. You would gain a clear understanding of how constitutional prescribing works and therefore be able to cope with situations above and beyond first aid acute prescribing. It means you can treat the ‘whole’ state and not just a minor scrape or illness. Attendance or home study.

Year 2 Introduction into Practice Course 

Take your Foundation studies to the next level.
Year 2 progesses seamlessly after Foundation. It looks at some of the deeper philosophical aspects of homeopathy and further investigates case taking in preparation for practice under supervision. During this part of the course we focus upon casework, introducing you to both the theory and practical applications of two systems for interpreting imbalance and diseases. Attendance or home study.

Year 3 Higher Diploma (Part 1) Course

On the road to becoming a professional homeopath.
If you wish to become a practising homeopath you will have completed the Foundation Course and Introduction into Practice Course. You then carry on into the Higher Diploma Course - one leads seamlessly into the next. Here you will be introduced to cutting edge developments in homeopathic understanding and methodologies. You will begin your practice under supervision. Attendance or home study.

Year 4 Higher Diploma (Part 2) Course

Take the last step towards becoming a practitioner.
The final step in becoming a fully qualified homeopathic practitioner. This completes your learning with integrated case management, research and business studies and sees you take flight into the profession! Attendance or home study. This School of Homeopathy 4-year home study course is fully recognised by the Society of Homeopaths and leads to registration. Both UK and International students can join the Society.

Recognised by the Society of Homeopaths

Did you know; Homeopathy was established over 200 years ago