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This course has been written by leading Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology teacher and homeopath Elaine Watson BSc, MSc, LBSH, CertEd, RSHom. Elaine teaches medical science at a number of homeopathy schools and works in nutrition. She has taken all her knowledge and skill and distilled it into this home study course. the course has also been reviewed an up-dated with nutritionist Karen Carmen.

Life is indeed a rich tapestry woven from the many strands of one’s life experiences. As I ponder how I came to write this course I realise that it is the product of many adventures, not just the teaching of Biology or Anatomy and Physiology or the practising of homeopathy alone but that it is the product of a person who has worn many hats and probably discarded none!

When you enrol on this course you will be assigned one of our personal tutors who will be available to answer course queries and mark your work as you move through the course. Each of our tutors is an expert in their field as well as a practicing alternative practitioner.

Teacher movies and audio lectures

Movie Lectures    
Skin Elaine Watson 61m
Skeleton Elaine Watson 40m
Heart Elaine Watson 46m
Resistance Elaine Watson 66m
Liver Elaine Watson 39m
Female Elaine Watson 42m
Audio Lectures    
The Cell Elaine Watson 7m
Muscles Elaine Watson 6m
Respiratory System Elaine Watson 12m
Urinary System Elaine Watson 7m
Endocrine System Elaine Watson 10m
Reproductive System Elaine Watson 6m


Elaine WatsonCourse Author: Elaine Watson

My academic path has been an interesting one starting with a Zoology degree, specialising in marine biology, from the University of St Andrews. This was followed by a spell of Official Secrets in Soil Research in Aberdeen and a Master’s degree in Soil Microbiology from the University of Aberdeen. Four years of delving into rotting fruit and vegetables and mountains of oil seed rape in the Applied Biology Dept at Cambridge University was followed by about four hundred years of child rearing which has to be the most instructive (and delightful) pastime to date.

A peaceful interlude was then spent working as a freelance copy editor for many publishing houses before moving to Wales and training as a homeopath at The British School of Homeopathy. I realised then what an important system of medicine homeopathy is and was delighted to find myself teaching the Anatomy and Physiology course to mainly bewildered students. A Certificate in Education (in homeopathy) was a great bonus provided by BSH and allowed me to explore different ways of teaching and learning. Over the past 15 years I have been teaching the four year Medical Sciences course and also working as a tutor for The School of Health Courses. I have been practising homeopathy here in Caerphilly and Cardiff for 13 years and I have a particular interest in the health of children. For the past 5 years I have worked with a group of homeopaths treating the children of Chernobyl which has been very interesting and rewarding.

I remember reading something like “Intelligence isn’t knowing things, its knowing where to find them” and this has been my maxim for teaching and the driving force behind writing this course. Knowing where to find things depends on being familiar enough with the “things”. I also think “being familiar” involves getting to know things in a gentle, colourful and unthreatening way so that you put them somewhere memorable. Hence this course has many different approaches to trying to get familiar with the difficult subject matter in the hope that the homeopaths of the future (you!) can access this valuable material with ease. If I can succeed in this aim then my tapestry will be interwoven with gold!

Karen Carmen

Nutrition sub author: Karen Carmen

Originally trained as a Speech and Language Therapist, Karen’s interest in the power of nutritional healing was sparked after it brought her own health back to balance following period of prolonged illness. Realising this was the career for her, Karen then qualified as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist in 2001.  Keen to further her knowledge, she later qualified with diplomas in Child Nutrition, Allergy Therapy and as a Women’s Health Practitioner.  Exploring the psychological elements of nutrition and how our emotional and core beliefs can affect our food choices is central to the way Karen works.  Karen now runs a busy private practice in Monmouthshire, weaving around her family life.

Mani Norland RSHomCourse Director: Mani Norland

Mani Norland is Managing Director of The School of Health and Principal of the School of Homeopathy. Mani trained as a homeopath with the School of Homeopathy. Mani is a founding member of Homeopathy Course Providers Forum and a founding member of the 4Homeopathy (the pro homeopathy group of 11 organsations in the UK). With this group Mani has been instrumental in the re-branding of homeopathy in the UK with the development of a new logo, celebrity campaigns and media intervention. Mani also teaches students in the 4th year about setting up in practice. In his ‘other life’ Mani worked in London as a brand and business consultant for over 10 years. He advised board level directors on business creation, vision and image. Mani is passionate about the positive promotion of homeopathy to the general public and has written many consumer facing articles on homeopathy and been interviewed on BBC radio several times.

Amanda NorlandCourse Manager: Amanda Norland

Amanda Norland is a Director of The School of Health. She is also Course Manager for the Homeopathy First-Aid Course. One of her principal roles is to look after the wellbeing of the students. Amanda is responsible for the The School of Health network of Tutors and Supervisors. She studied homeopathy at the School of Homeopathy. As well as running the business, she also nurtures her homeopathy practice. Prior to taking up her position with The School of Health, Amanda trained as a designer and worked in Bristol and London. Her role led her into talent management at 20|20, where she was responsible for a team of over 20 designers.

"I think that Elaine's course is fantastic and I have really enjoyed working my way through it."

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Anatomy & Physiology Course

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