Building your Practice Course

This course is designed to help you set up (or grow) your own nutrition practice. For most therapists this also involves starting their own business. We look at ways in which you can make sure that the practice you run is going to be as healthy financially as it is in providing your clients with a great service. The aim of this module is to give you the tools and exercises to ensure that you will set up and develop a practice with your own unique approach, so that it feels comfortable to run and authentic to you as an individual therapist.

Our aim is to inspire you with new ideas on how to make your practice thrive. To that end the course guides you through: cultivating your own unique approach; the key aspects of developing a business model; marketing and planning; developing and sustaining the journey into practice. 

You may already have some ideas about what a therapist’s practice ought to be like. However, unless your practice is true to who you are as a person, how you present your practice to the world and how you sustain it will never feel comfortable and you will feel that being a therapist is somehow different to being you as a person. The aim, therefore, is to build the foundations of your practice on ground that feels firm and familiar.

Building a Practice Course Overview
Units: 1
Study hours: 60
Credits: 6

Length: 2 months
Nominal completion time: 4 months
Included: course manual, DVD
Study options: correspondence or e-learning
Certificate: CPD Certificate in Business Studies

The Building Your Practice Module requires around 60 hours of study to complete the work within a 2 month period, i.e. approximately two days a week, or three hours per day. It is up to you, however, to determine how long you are willing or able to commit to this study each week and hence how long you actually take to complete the course. However, you are given twice as long an enrolment period as you should need and you can always extend you study period by re-enrolling. We regard this flexibility of time as very important, so that you can approach your study in the way that best suits your individual circumstances.

The CPD Module
We send you the printed course module, handouts and access to movie lectures that accompany the course.

Course Module
The course contains 1 unit of 120-130 pages. The module has a number of activity questions to complete after reading the relevant part of the course. At the end of the module there are a set of assignments to guide you through the most important steps you need to undertake to improve your practice. The assignment work is submitted to your tutor for observation and marking, assessment and feedback.

Movie lectures
A key part of your study material are the recorded lectures. These specially recorded live lectures with the couse author, provide a stimulating means of learning about the subject and help to bring the material to life.

These two books are strongly recommended for this module, both are available from online bookshops:
Warren: Set Up A Therapy Business: A Step By Step Guide
Harold: Marketing Your Complementary Therapy Practice

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Building Your Practice

Building Your Practice