Studying Yoga

You may already be practicing yoga and you may want to deepen your understanding or you could be a complete beginner who wants to learn more about this interesting practice. The beauty of yoga is its flexibility, you can incorporate a few postures and meditation exercises to enhance daily life or become expert in advanced postures and deep mediation. The study of yoga can be a fulfilling and life enhancing experience.

Our distance learning course offers you the freedom of learning from home the philosophy, principles and methodologies that underpin yoga. This will complement any self practice or yoga classes that you are already attending. We will discuss some of the yoga philosophy, its teachings and give an introduction to human anatomy.

During your study period you will look at the origins and the spiritual side of yoga as well as learning more about the physical postures.

Choosing to study yoga will take you on a unique journey as unlike some other disciplines you will be engaged with your current classes and exercises along with your academic studies and thus benefit from a deeper understanding of your chosen discipline.

We are all aware from reports in the media that stress and anxiety is a growing modern diseases. Stress now accounts for over 60% of doctor visits. Many people are turning to new forms of treatment for modern conditions that have no drug dependency or side effects. Yoga is recognised as a safe and effective form of exercise when supervised by a qualified teacher. Yoga is an assured method of reducing stress and anxiety and through your practice and our course you will learn meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques. Yoga related injuries are uncommon and anyone can start at any age and at any fitness level and progress gently at their own pace.

Yoga possesses a rich philosophical heritage with its roots in ancient times. One of the most important elements that separates yoga from other types of philosophies is that within yoga we are actually given the tools to learn and develop our own state of consciousness, so we are increasingly able to perceive more clearly and experience ‘the truth’ for ourselves.

In the yogic tradition there is no one path given but rather different paths are possible and are chosen according to the nature of an individual and it is widely stated that ultimately whichever path we follow they all lead to same place and will eventually merge.

In our distance learning Yoga Foundation Course we teach a little about each of the paths with a focus on Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga as these are the two most widely followed in Western society today. The course is designed for those who already practice yoga and want to learn more about the origins, philosophy and different teachings of yoga. It helps to develop new ‘yoga’ ways of thinking - deepening self-awareness and unfolding consciousness.

Deepen your philosophical understanding of this popular practice.