Higher Diploma (Part 2)
Course Teachers

We worked with a broad range of experts from leading homeopaths to illustrators, editors, designers and programmers to develop this course. Many of our faculty members contributed to the text and checked the course content and curriculum and we invited the finest teachers from around the world to contribute to its content. We embraced the latest blended learning techniques and put everything we know about homeopathic education from the last 30+ years into this course.

We wanted to create a World Class course - a class that anyone can access from anywhere in the world.

Teacher movies and audio lectures

The course includes teaching from 8 leading homeopaths:

Unit 21 : Plants

Movie Presentations    
Plant Kingdom Bob Blair 30m
Yakir Plants System Katja Behrens 23m
Plants Misha Norland 40m
The Evolution Model  - An Introduction Bob Blair 20m
The Evolution Model  - Background and Resources
Bob Blair 47m
Movie Lectures
Plants Introduction David Mundy 18m
Case of Sylvia Misha Norland 28m
Case of Sebastian Jon Didymus 1h 31m
Plant Animal Taxonomy Mistakes F Vermeulen 41m
Plant Animal Taxonomy: Case
of Anacardiaceae
Linda Johnston 38m
Case of Laura Follow Up Jon Didymus 22m
Case & Analysis of Annabel (Arum T) David Mundy 10m
Case of Vince (Verat Album) David Mundy 1h 21m
Case Analysis of Vince (Verat Album) David Mundy 32m
Case of Vince (Verat Album) Follow Up David Mundy 26m
Plant Family Apocynaceae Jan Scholten 25m
Plant Family Cornaceae Jan Scholten 16m
Plant Family Lobeliaceae Jan Scholten 11m
Plant Family Rhizopharaceae Jan Scholten 17m
Audio Lectures    
Case of Anxiety Janet Snowdon 7m
Case Analysis of Anxiety J Snowdon & M
Chelidonium Majus Janet Snowdon 24m
Case of Acne Rosacea (Cornus Circinata) Jan Scholten 27m

Unit 22 : Animals

Movie Presentations

Animal Kingdom Bob Blair 28m
Insects Geoff Johnson 10m
Mammals Geoff Johnson 18m
Sea Creatures Geoff Johnson 24m
Animals Misha Norland 23m
Movie Lectures    
Birds Janet Snowdon 57m
Energy & Gesture Janet Snowdon 14m
Gifts of the Mother A Timmerman 1h
Case of Esther Jon Didymus 1h 26m
Case of Tamara Misha Norland 47m
Case Analysis of Sylvia Misha Norland 53m
Case of Sylvia 1st Follow Up Misha Norland 25m
Case of Sylvia 2nd Follow Up Misha Norland 15m
Case of Sebastian 1st Follow Up David Mundy 10m
Case of Sebastian 2nd Follow Up David Mundy 6m
Case of Elizabeth (Elaps) David Mundy 1h 5m
Case Analysis of Elizabeth (Elaps) David Mundy 37m
Case of Elizabeth (Elaps) 1st Follow Up David Mundy 20m
Case of Elizabeth (Elaps) 2nd Follow Up David Mundy 24m
Case of Chris (Crayfish) David Mundy 46m
Case Analysis of Chris
David Mundy 33m
Case of Chris 1st Follow Up David Mundy 31m
Case of Chris 2nd Follow Up David Mundy 33m
Case of Chris 3rd Follow Up David Mundy 21m
Case of Debbie (Lac Delphinium) David Mundy 1h 19m
Case Analysis of Debbie
David Mundy 16m
Case of Debbie  1st Follow Up David Mundy 53m
Case of Debbie 2nd Follow Up David Mundy 6m
Case of Fiona (Falcon) David Mundy 33m
Case Analysis of Fiona (Falcon) David Mundy 19m
Case of Fiona 1st Follow Up David Mundy 26m
Case of Fiona Further Follow Ups David Mundy 36m
Birds & Drugs Janet Snowdon 16m
Androc Jeremy Sherr 1h 37m
Human Remedies Misha Norland 42m
Audio Lectures    
Lac Caninum Janet Snowdon 22m

Unit 23 : Integrated Approach

Movie Presentations    
Sarcodes Geoff Johnson 23m
The Systems in Homeopathy Katja Behrens 21m
Intergrated Approach Mani Norland 14m
Intergrated Approach Misha Norland 25m
Movie Lectures    
Homeopathic Conversation David Mundy 30m
Case of Peter Misha Norland 28m
Case of Esther Follow Up Jon Didymus 24m
Case of Suzanne Misha Norland 32m
Case of Suzanne Follow Up Misha Norland 6m
Case of Tom (Tachnypnea) Jon Didymus 1h 32m
Case of Tom (Tachnypnea) Follow Up Jon Didymus 18m
Audio Lectures    
Discussion on Organon Paragraphs Misha Norland 40m

Unit 24 : Case Management

Movie Presentations    
Potency Selection Bob Blair 23m
The Second Prescription Geoff Johnson 11m
Intro Luke Norland 4m
Case Management Misha Norland 18m
Potential Issues in Case Taking Nick Taylor 22m
Movie Lectures    
Case Management Nick Taylor 1h 2m
Follow Ups Nick Taylor 1h 44m
Case Receiving Janet Snowdon 39m
Acutes (From Unit 12) Misha Norland 32m
Acutes (From Unit 12) Jenny Grist 3h 23m
Case of Rachel Jon Didymus 46m
Case of Indra Misha Norland 57m
Case of Mr DD 3rd Casetaking Misha Norland 29m
Case Analysis of Mr DD 3rd Casetaking Misha Norland 59m
Case Analysis of Mr DD 3rd Casetaking Misha Norland 46m
Case Analysis of Peter Misha Norland 56m
Case of Richard Misha Norland 37m
Case Analysis of Richard K Leadbeater 2h 15m
Using the Sensation Method Janet Snowdon 20m
Friends & Family Janet Snowdon 18m
Babies & Children Janet Snowdon 9m
Teenagers Janet Snowdon 17m
Managing Difficult Cases Miranda Castro 3h 36m
Audio Lectures    
Case of Mr DD 3rd Casetaking Misha Norland 32m
Case of Mr DD 3rd Casetaking Analysis Misha Norland 20m
Assessment & Second Prescription David Curtin 1h 10m
Assessment & Second Prescription Continued David Curtin 20m

Unit 25: Introduction to Research Methods

Movie Presentations    
Research Mani Norland 37m
Research Misha Norland 19m
Movie Lectures    
Case Analysis of Indra Misha Norland 26m
Case of Indra with Analysis Misha Norland 1h 3m
Case of Rachel 1st Follow Up Jon Didymus 14m
Research 1 Kate Chatfield 1h 2m
Research 2
Kate Chatfield 1h 9m
Research 3
Kate Chatfield 1h 18m   
Rachel Roberts 1h 15m
Research in Homeopathy
Rachel Roberts
Audio Lectures    
Case of Mr DD Follow Up Interview Misha Norland 10m

Unit 26: Taking Flight

Movie Presentations    
Setting up in Practice Karen Leadbeater 17m
Taking Flight Mani Norland 29m
Taking Flight Misha Norland 19m
Movie Lectures    
Introduction to Business Studies Mani Norland 31m
Getting an Overview Mani Norland 14m
Exploring Your Environment (Research) Mani Norland 14m
The Pathway Through the Landscape Mani Norland 9m
The Guiding Light (Vision) Mani Norland 22m
How You Do What You Do (Values) Mani Norland 17m
At the Centre of it All (Brand Essence) Mani Norland 8m
I Have a Dream (Ultimate Dream) Mani Norland 5m
The Business Model Mani Norland 9m
Figures Explained Mani Norland 8m
Website Tips Mani Norland 16m
Case of James (Young) Misha Norland 42m
Case of Lisa Misha Norland 29m
Case of Norman Misha Norland 1h 4m
Case Analysis of Norman Misha Norland 37m
Case of Rachel 2nd Follow Up Jon Didymus 13m
Number Crunching Your Way To Success Miranda Castro 44m


Teacher biographies

The following teachers provided material and lectures for this Homeopathy Higher Diploma (Part 2) Course.

Misha Noreland

Misha Norland
Misha established the School of Homeopathy in 1981 and was a Fellow and a founding member of The Society of Homeopaths. A practitioner now for over 30 years, he was Head of Homeopathic Research at the first UK homeopathic college. Widely respected for his teaching and practice skills, he provides numerous lectures and over the years has taught many of the world’s leading homeopaths. He is also an international clinical facilitator, lecturer and author, and is well known for his contributions to journals, conferences and new materia medica.


Janet Snowdon, RSHom

Janet Snowdon, RSHom
One of our most popular senior lecturers, Janet has been in practice for over 25 years. She has studied with many leading homeopaths including George Vithoulkas, Jayesh Shah and Rajan Sankaran. Sankaran has provided her with an insight into practice which she has made her own and with which she enchants us as she teaches cases. She has a busy practice in Bath, England and has also been involved in proving new remedies. Practical and with a deep appreciation for the mystery of healing, Janet offers many insights into the topics of her teaching and is an inspiration in her readiness to be amazed and delighted.


Jenny Grist

Jenny Grist, DSH, RSHom
Jenny’s interest in homeopathy began in 1987 with much experimentation on her own farm animals and other friends. Jenny studied at The School of Homeopathy, graduating in 2002, and also completed the Dynamis Course of Advanced Homeopathy. She runs a thriving rural practice in the green depths of Mid Devon, but regularly takes herself away to teach Homeopathy at ‘Wellie’ Level. Jenny enjoys the magic of matching spirit to substance.


jon didymus

Jon Didymus, PhD, DSH, RSHom
Jon Didymus originally trained as a research scientist studying the way crystals form in living organisms. Since graduating from the School of Homeopathy in 1999, he has practiced in Bath at a GP surgery and at The Holistic Family Practice with his wife, who is a medical doctor and herbalist. Jon is a keen student of the Sensation Method and fuses his scientific background with interests in meditation, counselling and supervision.


Kate Chatfield

Kate Chatfield, BA(Hons), MSc, MNWCH, FSHom

Kate is the course leader for MSc Integrated Healthcare (e-learning) at the University of Central Lancashire, UK, where she is responsible for teaching research methods and ethics to postgraduate students from a wide variety of healthcare disciplines. Initially a philosopher, and then a practitioner of homeopathy for 15 years, Kate now focuses exclusively upon education and research. Kate has been teaching at UCLan since 1999 and has been instrumental in establishing and delivering a number of courses including BSc Homeopathic Medicine, MSc Homeopathy and MSc Integrated Healthcare. In addition to teaching Kate is also in the final stages of her PhD studies analysing ethical objections to traditional and complementary forms of medicine. Kate’s area of teaching expertise includes qualitative research methods, philosophy of science, ethics, sustainability and integrated healthcare.

Miranda Castro

Miranda Castro, RSHom (NA), CCH
Miranda Castro is a British-trained professional homeopath who has been in practice since 1983 and has been writing about and teaching homeopathy since 1988. She is a Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths (UK) and past President of the North American Society of Homeopaths. Miranda has a background in acupuncture, iridology, healing, supervision and humanistic psychotherapy. She has been teaching and talking about homeopathy to the lay public and interested health care professionals since 1988, including groups of midwives, nurses, counsellors, doctors – and homeopaths.


Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts, BSc (Hons) MCH RSHom
Rachel graduated from The College of Homeopathy, London in 1997 and has been in private practice ever since. She has a background in biological sciences, specialising in physiology, which lead to a particular interest in the integration of homeopathic and medical knowledge during homeopathy training. Rachel has taught homeopathy and medical sciences for over 10 years as a visiting lecturer at various homeopathic colleges in the UK, Ireland and Iceland, as well as being a regular presenter of CPD seminars. She is also author of the Mat Med Cards published in 2007. Rachel was a speaker at the Society of Homeopaths’ Conference in 2005, Student Conference in 2007 and the British Homeopathic Congress in 2012. Rachel held the post of Research Consultant for the Society of Homeopaths from 2008-2012 and joined the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) as Chief Executive in 2010. HRI is an innovative charity dedicated to promoting high quality research in homeopathy.

Bob Blair

Bob Blair, LCH PCH
Bob shares his knowledge and experience with generosity and passion. Before becoming immersed in Rajan Sankaran’s Sensation Method Bob trained with Jeremy Sherr. He now delights in synthesising information from a variety of sources and teachers and in communicating different approaches to case-taking and analysis, adapting the process to suit the individuality of each patient.

Katja Behrens

Katja Behrens
Katja has always believed in the magic of this world, something beyond our intellectual understanding or how we describe the world on a day-to-day basis. She says, "In fact, looking back, my life has always been a search for a deeper understanding of who we are. I contemplated: what is the healing force behind this all that can bring peace and insight into our lives, even as we are so different?"
Katja currently practices in different clinics as a homeopath, and as a tutor to supervise students at the School of Homeopathy and offers webinars for the SOH locally and internationally. Katja works in collaboration with other therapists and doctors and has beautiful experiences being part of therapeutic retreats. She also offers Cranio-Sacral Therapy and therapeutic massage.

Geoff Johnson

Geoff Johnson, MA VetMB MRCVS VetMFHom RSHom PCH
Geoff has been a vet for 20 years and until recently ran a busy mixed surgery treating everything under the sun on the edge of Exmoor! However the bug of homeopathy bit him unexpectedly one hay fever summer and he subsequently trained as a homeopathic vet. When animal owners starting asking for whatever Daisy had had for their own ailments he became a homeopath for people too. Now he runs a purely homeopathic surgery and doesn’t know how many legs his patient will have until looking into the waiting room. Geoff has a wonderful teaching style that is always appreciated by students.

Luke Norland

Luke Norland, DSH RHom
Luke grew up sharing his family home with the School of Homeopathy and has been immersed in the homeopathic way of life since he was born into the world! Having first studied classical music in London, his career path eventually brought him back to his roots in the healing arts, via training and working as a massage therapist. He is particularly interested in the active-listening role of the homeopath, providing a space for people to tell their truth and explore themselves free from any prejudice.

Karen Leadbeater

Karen Leadbeater, DSH RSHom
Karen graduated from the School in 1998 and has since maintained a close link through mentoring and supervising students. More recently she has lectured regularly at the School, with a focus on casework, and also works with students on the international home study programme. After establishing a busy practice in Bath, Karen relocated to Dartmoor in 2005. She now practises and supervises students from her clinic in Tavistock, Devon.

Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor DSH RSHom
Nick graduated from the School in 1993 and set up practice from his home in Devon. Later he attended Jeremy Sherr's Dynamis post graduate course which helped him develop his homeopathy skills further. The School has always remained close to his heart and he works with us on many levels as mentor, supervisor and teacher. Nick's passion for homeopathy really began through reading Kent's Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy which he still enjoys to this day.

Amanda Norland

Course Manager: Amanda Norland BA(Hons)
Amanda Norland is a Director of The School of Health. She is also Course Manager for the Homeopathy First-Aid Course. One of her principal roles is to look after the wellbeing of the students. Amanda is responsible for the The School of Health network of Tutors and Supervisors. She studied homeopathy at the School of Homeopathy. As well as running the business, she also nurtures her homeopathy practice. Prior to taking up her position with The School of Health, Amanda trained as a designer and worked in Bristol and London. Her role led her into talent management at 20|20, where she was responsible for a team of over 20 designers.


Mani Norland

Mani Norland, BA (Hons), DSH,

Mani Norland is Principal at the School of Homeopathy. He is Misha Norland's eldest son and grew up with homeopathy all around him. He trained with the School, and practices from his clinic in Stroud. He develops and manages the School in conjunction with members of the core team. Other responsibilities include interviewing students, the teaching timetable, preparation of teaching materials, hiring teachers and staff, running the School clinic. In addition, he is responsible for the School brand, marketing and promotion. Mani is also the Managing Director of The School of Health, a business that manages home study courses and books.

Mani is a founding member of Homeopathy Course Providers Forum and a founding member of the 4Homeopathy (the pro homeopathy group of 11 organsations in the UK). With this group Mani has been instrumental in the re-branding of homeopathy in the UK with the development of a new logo, celebrity campaigns and media intervention. Mani also teaches students in the 4th year about setting up in practice. In his ‘other life’ Mani worked in London as a brand and business consultant for over 10 years. He advised board level directors on business creation, vision and image. Mani is passionate about the positive promotion of homeopathy to the general public and has written many consumer facing articles on homeopathy and been interviewed on BBC radio several times.

Misha has a sixth sense regarding homeopathy

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