Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Questions to ask yourself

Our distance learning course is an excellent stepping stone to becoming a yoga teacher or therapist. If you are already in practice, attending yoga classes and have a growing desire to learn more about yoga then our course is for you! If you enjoy our yoga foundation course then you would be in the ideal position to take your study further and learn to be a yoga teacher or even a therapist. With experience you could run your own yoga workshops, yoga retreats, holidays or clinics.

There are no set entry requirements to become a yoga teacher, but you may find it helpful to have:

  • 2 years' experience of practising yoga with a qualified teacher
  • a foundation course qualification in yoga
  • a recognised yoga teaching qualification
  • accreditation from a yoga association
  • insurance cover

What makes me want to be a yoga teacher?

Most people choose to become a yoga teacher after they have been practising yoga either in a class or at home and feel that they would like others to experience the benefits of the discipline. Others may have been on a life changing journey after discovering the health benefits yoga can bring and may no longer feel able to continue with their present lifestyle.

Whether you ultimately choose to continue your studies to become a qualified teacher or not, our distance learning course will give you the knowledge and experience of the fundamentals of yoga and deepen your understanding of the practice, so your study will always be valuable. Whatever your reason for choosing to do the course with us, our tutors will enable you to achieve the best outcome and guide you to make the right choices towards your future.

Do I know what I'm getting into?
Yoga is increasing in popularity and there are many courses available. No one course suits everybody and if you choose to study with us we will support you, to realise the best outcome for you.

Starting with a foundation course is the perfect way to sense check if becoming a yoga teacher is for you. This will let you develop your yoga practice while learning more about the spiritual, philosophy, principles and methodologies that underpin yoga. If you enjoy the yoga foundation course then it will reassure you to take your learning further and prepare you for becoming a great yoga teacher.

If you do decide to go on to become a yoga teacher, you will find that every yoga teacher’s approach is unique and a class can take on its own character. There is no fixed exercise regime, no specialised equipment needed and it is non-competitive so beginners can feel at ease. If you are unsure about anything we will try and answer your questions.

Do I have the required skills?
You do not need to have any specific prior experience or training to enrol with us. On our yoga foundation course you can study at your own pace, as long as you are self-motivated and organised. You do not need any prior qualifications to study the course with us, but of course it helps if you have attended classes or practiced the discipline at home so you have a basic understanding of yoga.

If you wish to go on to become a yoga teacher you will need the ability to motivate individuals and groups, you also need to have good listening skills and be able to lead a class. You will need to organise the classes with lesson plans and assessments and be able to adapt teaching for different abilities. You will need to have a wide repertoire of skills, postures and positions to adapt your teaching to the needs of the individuals in the group and to run classes from beginner to advanced. Personal fitness, strength and flexibility is important. You will need to be able to teach breathing techniques and meditation. Finally, you will require some commercial skills if you want to run your own business.

You could specialise in teaching a particular group, such as pregnant women, or mother and baby classes, or around a particular ailment like arthritis or stiffness. These sorts of classes would require additional specialist study.

Have I got the time and commitment?
Our distance learning course is designed to work around other work or family commitments. The Yoga Foundation Course is a one-year course but we give you a two-year study period – plenty of time. If you study for 4-5 hours a week you should easily complete the course in a year. If you put in more hours of study each week you will complete it in less than a year. Following our course, if you then wish to go on and study to be a yoga teacher, this usually takes a further one to three years, depending on the depth and intensity of the course you choose.

What will it cost?
The price for the Yoga Foundation Course can be found on the course enrol page. If you want to know the cost of taking your study further and training as a yoga teacher, then we will need to look at the fees involved with a local course provider who does the training face-to-face. This will be through a combination of yoga classes and lessons.

Have I got the support of friends and/or family?
It is always good to have the support of friends and family when embarking on any new study. Learning a new subject is inspiring but it does take time away from other aspects of life – family and friends will need to support you and give you the space to study.

Do I want to be self-employed?
Most yoga teachers are self-employed. Being self-employed means you can choose how much, or how little, you want to work. You can choose your work environment, whether it be a large room or a hall. You can work from home, if you have the space, or you can choose to travel to another location. It really is up to you when you are your own boss.

The NHS now recommends mindfulness as a way to combat stress and, as relaxation is a large part of yogic exercise, it is seen as a safe way to relieve symptoms and it can be safely used alongside other forms of stress release without complication.

The beauty of being a yoga teacher is that you can tailor your class size. Every yoga teacher's approach is unique and a class can take its own character. There is no fixed exercise regime and no specialised equipment is needed.

Start your journey to becoming a yoga teacher today and give us a call about our home study Yoga Foundation Course. One of our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. It's the perfect way to get started and enhance your yoga practice and wellbeing.

Deepen your philosophical understanding of this popular practice.