Registered Naturopathy ND

Our Naturopathy programme is fully accredited by the Society of Naturopaths. To be become a fully-fledged Naturopath with the School of Health, leading to our highest (Level 6 equivalent) qualification and the ND title after your name, you will need to complete the following training (see below). Naturopath ND graduates will also meet the requirements to registrar with the Society of Naturopaths (SoN). The SoN is open to UK and international students.

3 steps to a Naturopathic Diploma (ND):

1. Complete our Naturopathy Course (10 units), with clinical event (face-to-face) training.

Subjects covered are: Ayurveda (level 5), Chinese Medicine (level 4), Tibetan & Unani Medicine (level 4), Homeopathy (level 4), Naturopathy (level 5), Homotoxicology (level 4), Psychosocial Skills (level 5), Iridology (level 4), Hydrotherapy (level 5), Oral Health (level 4).

2. You will need a Specialism subject in a level 6 natural medicine discipline as your main subject.

3-4 years training in one of these: Homeopathy, Herbalism, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda.

If you have not studied one of these subjects before you can study Nutrition or Homeopathy with us.

We assume that you will have completed the necessary medical science training in Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology & Disease as part of your Level 6 training. If you have not, then you will need to complete your study in these subjects as part of your Naturopath ND qualification with us.

3. Level 5 training in Nutritional Therapy

Unless your Level 6 training was in Nutrition. If you have a Level 6 training in Nutrition you will need to complete our 1-Year Herbal Medicine Course instead.

Body work

The course includes some aspects of body work during the clinical event. However, as Naturopaths it is also useful to have more training in body work. This is not required for the School's ND certificate or for registration with the Society of Naturopaths, it could be completed as CPD following graduation/registration. We recommend a minimum of Level 4 training (40 hours) in one of these subjects: Naturopathic total body adjustment routine, Basic massage, Bowen technique, Shaitsu, Aromatherapy massage, Manual Lymphatic drainage, Rolfing, Yoga, Alexandra technique and Kinesiology.

Quick guide Individual Therapist Routes:

Level 6 (equivalent) training (3-4 years) in either:
Nutritionist: + Naturopathy Course + Herbalism Level 5 Course
Homeopath: + Naturopathy Course
+ Nutrition Level 5 Course
Herbalist: + Naturopathy Course
  + Nutrition Level 5 Course
Ayurveda: + Naturopathy Course
 + Nutrition Level 5 Course
Acupuncturist: + Naturopathy Course
  + Nutrition Level 5 Course
Osteopath: + Naturopathy Course
 + Nutrition Level 5 Course
Chiropractor: + Naturopathy Course
 + Nutrition Level 5 Course
Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM): + Naturopathy Course
 + Nutrition Level 5 Course

Clinical Hours

It is expected that training will include Clinical Observation and Clinical Supervision with a minimum of 450 clinical hours, of which at least 100 must be face-to-face.


There are several certificate awards given for successfully completing the Naturopathy Course.

If you complete the all of the requirements as set out above to become a Naturopath you will be awarded the Level 6 equivalent advanced diploma:
The School of Health: Naturopathy Advanced Diploma (ND)
and granted the use of the legend ND after your name.


Graduates and therapists who meet the requirements as outlined above would meet the requirements to register with the Society of Naturopaths (SoN). International students can also apply to register with the SoN in the UK. You may also have the option to join a register of Naturopaths in your own country.

Interested in becoming a Naturopath ND? Why not give us a call to chat it through: 01453 709 709