Unit 10: Oral Health

Dentistry and Health Online Course

This module focuses on the importance of dental health and how modern dental techniques can impact upon the overall health of the body. This module has been included because the effects of dentistry are often overlooked, ignored or worse still, attributed to something else. Many practitioners have little or no knowledge of how important the health of the teeth is to our overall health and how many diseases originate in unhealthy teeth or regular dental procedures.

In this unit, you will learn about the history of dentistry, including the work of Weston A Price, meridian charts and dental foci, sinus infections, tooth structure and anatomy, the importance of saliva, the gut mouth connection, oxidative stress, dental pathology (tooth decay, gum disease – gingivitis, periodontal disease, chronic apical periodontitis, cavitations, NICO – Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis), the effects of modern dentistry on health (extractions, fillings, dental galvanism, bridges, root canal fillings, the use of nickel in dentistry, dental appointment timings), mercury and amalgam fillings (amalgam research, laboratory testing, amalgam removal, mercury detox protocol), cleft palate and tongue tie, and dental health (fluoride, oral hygiene treatments and diet).

We will look at some of the modern dental techniques and how these can have an adverse impact upon health. Many dentists are not aware of how the work they are doing on individual teeth will affect the overall health of the body. This is particularly important in light of the latest trend of ‘cosmetic dentistry’.

It is now accepted that gum disease is associated with heart attacks. Dentists are also aware that the process of dental caries can result in extensive conservation work which can have a biochemical and physiological effect upon the body. For example, they know that procedures such as implants, crowns or root canal treatments should not be carried out when there is overt periodontal disease present in the mouth. Many dentists however are not fully aware of the extent of the effects that these procedures can have upon the otherwise healthy or asymptomatic body. 

Oral Health Course 

Units: 1
Study Hours:
Credits: 10
Time: Estimated
2 months (timing up to you)
Enrolment period:
4 months (with option to extend)
Purchased separately
Certificate in Oral Health
Study Options:
 E-learning (online) or Correspondence (paper)

Aims of the course

  • To have an appreciation of how various dental procedure impact health
  • To understand the different dental procedures that are carried out routinely by dentists
  • To understand basic dental pathology and disease
  • To have an understanding of the various research that has taken place into dentistry and health over the last century
  • To be aware of current research into the connections between various medical conditions and dental procedures
  • To appreciate the connections between the oral microbiome and the gut microbiome
  • To provide information about safe mercury removal and detoxification
  • To provide a combined resource of information for all aspects of dental health

Why study Oral Health and Dentisry?

The effects of the various dentistry procedures are often overlooked by practitioners when assessing their client’s case history. This module provides a range of information that will provide you with the tools to understand how much your client’s oral health is impacting their current symptom picture. For the first time here is a resource that contains details of meridians and teeth, dental foci, research into diet and its impact upon dental and structural health, pathology, disease and dental procedures, latest research into pathology and its connection with dental procedures such as root canals and implants, mercury toxicity and detoxification and dietary considerations for dental health. The information contained in this module is essential for all practitioners to be aware of, and will serve only to enhance your practice and understanding of your clients conditions.


1. Introduction    

2. History & the Research of Weston Price
Drs Percy Howe and Royal Lee DDS      
Drs Edward and May Mellanby DDS     
Dr Weston Price DDS    

3.Teeth, Meridian charts & Dental Foci  
Teeth and Meridians    
Dental foci     
Sinus infections     

4. Tooth Anatomy  
The importance of saliva    

5.  The Gut Mouth Connection    

6. Oxidative Stress     
Self-assessment questions

7.  Dental Pathology 
Tooth decay    
Gum Disease: Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease and Chronic Apical Periodontitis    
NICO: Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis    

8. Effects of Modern Dentistry on Health:
Dental Procedures Part 1    
Dental Galvanism    

9. Effects of Modern Dentistry on Health:
Dental Procedures Part 2    
Root Canal Fillings    
The Use of Nickel in Dentistry    
Dental appointment timings    

10. Mercury & Mercury Amalgam Fillings  
Amalgam research     
Laboratory Testing    
Amalgam removal     
Mercury detox protocol    

11. Cleft Palate & Tongue Tie     

12.  Dental health
Oral Hygiene Treatments    

13. Conclusion     


Understand how much your client's oral health is impacting their current symptom picture.