Studying herbal medicine

If you study herbal medicine you will learn about the important role of herbs and plants in nutrition, diet and food to ensure health and wellbeing. You will learn about the history of herbal medicine and use of herbal medicine today, the way herbs work, how we can use them for treating both minor and more serious conditions, how and why we make particular remedies and blends, and much more.

Plants have formed the basis for medical treatment through much of human history, and their use in the prevention and treatment of illness is still important today.

Plant medicine works on many different levels and so can be applied in different ways. This is something that orthodox medicine struggles with. Often people in the west come to herbalism because they’ve tried orthodox methods but they are not finding health. Others come because they have always had a leaning towards more natural treatment. Still, herbalism isn’t easy to standardise as the whole plant medicine (as opposed to extracted constituents) seems to work differently on the body in different people. For example, some people react tearily to St. John’s wort while others applaud its uplifting qualities. It is because of this that scientific research is limited. However, there is research on plants that is readily available – it must be critiqued but we can learn so much from a blend of traditional and scientific knowledge.

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