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Pathology & Disease Online Course

First launched in 1999, and updated every couple of years or so, this distance learning diploma course is designed to enable students and practitioners of alternative and complementary medicine to understand the basic principles of orthodox medicine. The view point is always in relation to natural health. You will learn how the body works as a whole, as well as its individual systems in health and disease. This course is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA).


Units: 1-6
Study Hours: 175 - 200
Credits: 20
Time: Estimated 9/12 months (timing up to you)
Enrolment period: 2 years (with option to extend)
Includes: Study material, 2 books included (see below) & movie lectures
Certification: Diploma in Pathology & Disease
Study Options: Correspondence (paper) or e-learning (online)
Courses for: Natural Health, Nutrition or Homeopathy

This distance learning course is aimed at students of most natural health modalities, who have some background in the life sciences or have studied anatomy and physiology at some level. The course explores the absolutely fundamental building blocks for the creation of a fully-functioning, energetic Human Being and unravels the journey from conception through birth to childhood and adolescence. It brings together much of the necessary information that is often scattered throughout the literature.

The second part of the course is a more traditional exploration of the mature Human Being slipping into disease states, whilst retaining the holistic approach to the whole person. Along the way the course also looks at how natural health therapists can work alone or alongside other health professionals to provide a truly profound healthcare system for patients.

By the end of the course you will have a beautiful book, or file, filled with wonderfully useful information. You will also know your way around the textbooks so that you are never at a loss when a patient consults you with unusual pathology. On top of all of this you are sure to appreciate just how marvellous the Human Body is!

The course can be taken on its own, but our Anatomy & Physiology Diploma Course provides the ideal study necessary before starting the Pathology & Disease Diploma Course. The objective is to give the necessary knowledge and understanding of this subject in order to support and complement your holistic practice.

Students can join us for distance learning with the choice of method: correspondence or online. Taking about 175 - 200 hours to complete, you fit the study around your daily life. There is no strict timetable for the completion of the course - you work through the learning materials at your own pace. Using the Online Learning System, to set and alter study deadlines and receive notifications, the programme is designed to keep you on track. Most students complete the course within a year but we give you a 2-year study period for greater flexibility. If you need more time, you can extend by 12 months at a time for a small renewal fee.

We offer three pathology courses:
Pathology & Disease Course for Natural Health
Pathology & Disease Course for Nutrition
Pathology & Disease Course for Homeopathy

Simply select your preference when enrolling. If you are studying to be a nutritional therapist choose the one for nutrition, if you are studying to become a homeopathic practitioner pick the one for homeopaths; for all other holistic and natural therapies we recommend you select the version for natural health. We can also advise you about which course to take. 

Each course comes with the same course materials but the course content is slightly tailored to meet the needs of your chosen subject area. For example, the Pathology & Disease Course for Homeopathy integrates medical science with homeopathic philosophy, materia medica, repertory work and case taking. For the Pathology & Disease Course for Homeopathy it is assumed that, as a student of homeopathy, you will have a Kent’s repertory and good materia medica books.


Our Pathology & Disease Course is recognised by many natural health colleges and associations that require P&D as part of their requirement. The course is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and upon graduation you can register with the CMA. Established in 1993, the CMA is an internationally recognised association. Its primary aim is to promote ethical, responsible and professional complementary medicine to the public and the medical profession. The CMA is the largest register of natural therapists in the UK.

Complementary Medical Association Accredited


The Course Materials

When you enrol onto one of our courses you receive a lot more than the course pack that we send in the post. Through the Online Learning System you can enjoy a unique blended learning experience with online movie lectures, your own personal tutor feedback, support from the head office, tutorials, live Webinars, a private Facebook Group, Student groups and the two essential textbooks for the course.

Pathology & Disease Online Course

Course manual
The course contains 6 course units of around 25 - 35 pages each. Each unit contains explanatory text, reading references for the two textbooks which accompany the course and a number of activity questions to complete as you work your way through the Unit. All the work is submitted to your tutor, Unit by Unit, for observation and marking, assessment and feedback. The course activities are completed via continual assessment and there are no exams, as we prefer the holistic approach of tutoring and continual assessment.

Personal tutor
When you enrol you will be assigned your personal tutor. All our tutors come from the world of natural health, they have a strong passion for the holistic way of life and they are selected for their nurturing qualities. Your tutor will support you throughout your study by answering any questions that arise and marking your activities. The faculty in the office are also available to assist as and when required. We are all here to help you whilst you learn with us and you can ask for support whenever you need it.

The course includes a Skype or phone tutorial with your personal tutor. The tutorial is 20 minutes long and is scheduled 3-4 months after you enrol onto the course, giving you time to get settled in.

Movie & Audio lectures
A key part of your study material are the recorded lectures. These specially recorded live lectures with couse author Elaine Watson provide a stimulating means of learning about the subject and help to bring the material to life.

memory stick

Pathology & Disease Movie Lectures: 4 hours 38 mins
Pathology & Disease Audio Lectures: 1 hour 14 mins

Online Learning System
You will be able to access your course from anywhere at any time via the School’s Online Learning System. Through the secure sign-in area you can view the course materials, watch the movie lectures, upload assignments and keep track of your study. You can also set and alter your study deadlines and contact other students via maps, teaching groups or instant chat.

Course Books
The course is designed around these texts:

P&D for Hom

The Nature of Disease
Thomas H McConnell · ISBN 9781609133696

The Concise Human Body
Steve Parker · ISBN 9781405340410

Reading Recommendation:
We also strongly advise you to purchase Dr Gascoigne’s book as an optional extra book to accompany this course. Each chapter discusses both holistic and conventional ideas of the system being presented. In addition, there are clear disease classifications that are tailored for the holistic practitioner. 

The Clinical Medicine Guide - A Holistic Perspective
Stephen Gascoigne · ISBN: 952218933

National Union of Students

NUS Cards 
As a registered member of the National Union of Students, UK students who enrol on this course can apply for a Totum card. This provides discounts for many things such as travel, food shopping, electrical goods, cinema tickets, fashion etc. Just ask about this when you enrol with us and we can send you the details.

More information

We hope you choose to join us for this incredible journey into the human body. If you have any questions or would like more information about the Pathology & Disease course please contact us, we are here to help.

Course fees & enrolling

You can enrol and pay online through the enrol section on the website.

Course Benefits

  • Enjoy Pathology with a natural health perspective
  • Gives you the necessary knowledge and understanding of the subject in order to best support and complement your practice
  • Printed course, binder and books sent through the post
  • Personal tutors give guidance and feedback
  • Includes a Skype or phone tutorial
  • Movie lectures on your chosen subject
  • Access to the School’s Online Learning System
  • High level of support by email, phone and online
  • Study can be started and finished at any time
  • Webinars offer a live teaching experience with fellow students
  • Contact other students via private Facebook group, instant chat, student maps and teaching groups
  • Work at your own speed and pace - timetable to suit you
  • Set your own study deadlines with notifications
  • Option to extend if you need more time
  • No prior medical training is required
  • Continuous assessment provides ongoing feedback and motivation
  • There are no exams
  • Certificates are awarded on completing the courses with tutor marking
  • Course content is regularly updated
  • NUS extra student discount cards for UK students


Unravel the journey from conception through birth to childhood and adolescence

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Pathology & Disease Course

Pathology & Disease Course

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Movie lectures
Personal tutor
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2 year study period (can be done in 9-12 months)
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