Medical Homeopathy
Smith, Steve

Medical Homeopathy
Medical Homeopathy

Printed in the UK, hardback, 288 pages

Size160 x 220mm
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Steve Smiths intention with this book is to provide an easy and accessible reference tool for students and practitioners. In his 10 years of teaching medical science at homeopathy schools it became apparent to him that there were no good text that effectively bridge the homeopathic and medical divide - that is the purpose of this book.

For ease of reference the book is divided into human body systems, each system forms a chapter and then each chapter is broken down into:

Recap of anatomy & physiology
Conventional treatment
Homeopathic treatment including specifics and therapeutics
Where necessary, adjunctive treatment.

About the author
Steve Smith BA (Hons) LCH MARH FSDSHomSteve studied Psychology at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and has many years experience of working in psychiatry. He now practices homoeopathy from home in Brighton, as well as supervising the College's own Low-cost Clinic. He has been involved in homoeopathic education for many years and has tutored, lectured, and supervised students at many other colleges besides the South Downs School of Homeopathy where he is Principal.

Quotes about the book
In his book Medical Homeopathy, Steve Smith manages to convey the most practical and useful information that every homeopath needs, whilst keeping the medical jargon to an absolute minimum - a truly homeopathic approach to this vast and bewildering subject. With his trademark humour and down-to-earth common sense, Steve transforms this often dry and laborious topic into an enjoyable and effortless learning experience. An indispensable reference work for every homeopath.
Ian Watson

An excellent quick reference guide written in a delightfully informal style. It is full of pathological, homeopathic and common sense reminders that will be an invaluable companion to everyday practice.
Miranda Castro

This book should become the standard textbook in its field for all homoeopaths
Martin Miles

Modern day practice of homeopathy sees most patients presenting with a host of chronic complaints. Most of them will be receiving treatment from their doctor or local hospital. Drug treatment for their chronic diseases is inevitable with many patients living on a cocktail of medications. Many of them are very aware of their conditions (thanks to the internet) and treatments

"Medical Homeopathy" from Steve Smith fills a gap in our homeopathic literature. In this book Steve merges medical sciences, conventional treatments and homeopathic remedies into one, easy to use guide that will prove invaluable to all homeopaths.

Steve divides the human body into 'systems' and for each system he succinctly explains the anatomy and physiology of each. He then explains the most common pathological conditions that arise in the system and details the 'conventional' treatment. The main homeopathic 'leaders' for the pathological conditions are shown in nice, clear tables. Where appropriate, adjunctive treatment is also listed.

This book is an ideal work to have on the corner of your desk. You can reach for it when you need to quickly refresh your mind on certain parts of the body and its disease conditions. It helps you understand the likely conventional treatments and drugs your patients will be taking and then quickly points you to the most likely homeopathic remedies.

Interestingly a few days after receiving an early copy of this book my wife was involved in a car incident and suffered Whiplash. Suffice to say I delved immediately into Medical Homeopathy!

I highly commend this book to all homeopaths.
David Witko