Health Surveys

Each year The School of Health commissions a OnePoll survey of 2000 people with a demographic that is representative of the UK population. This helps us to gauge what people in the UK think about different health topics. We use this data to generate media to help promote different aspects on peoples attitudes towards natural medicine.

The last two campaigns were:

Healthy Planet, Healthy People

In this survey we looked at peoples attitude towards climate change and how that effects the health of the planet, which ultimately effects the health of all of us. The survey revealed many interesting points, ultimately it was very clear that most of us are confused about what we should do to help and how to prioritise any action. Read more...

Take the Healthy Planet, Healthy People Survey 

Natural Health Service

In this survey we looked at how many people rely on natural medicine rather than the National Health Service (NHS). In the UK we often feel like health care is free because we access it through the NHS forgetting that we each pay approximately £1900* tax a year to for the service. However, millions are reply on natural medicine rather than the NHS. Read more...


*NHS Planned expenditure 2018/19 is £126.269bn (source)
*UK Population 28th June 2018: 66,040,200 (source)

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