Herbal Medicine Beginners Course

Herbal Medicine Beginners Course

Learn the basics of Herbal Medicine from the comfort of your own home with this distance learning herbalism course for beginners. This short course (20 hours) starts you on your herbalism journey by teaching you how to identify some commonly used herbs, where and how to find them, and helping you to acquire the confidence to use our beautiful plant kin as medicine for yourself.


Units: 1-5
Study Hours: 20 Time: Estimated 1 month period (timing is up to you)
Credits: 2
Enrolment period: 1 Year (with option to extend)
Books: 1 Included with the course
Memory Stick: 18 Movie lectures
Products: Nettle Tea and Dandelion Coffee
Certification: Basic Certificate in Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has many names – phytochemistry, herbalism, old wives’ tales, ethnobotany, energy medicine, allopathic medicine, wilderness medicine, plant spirit medicine, intuitive plant medicine, herbalism, sensory herbalism and so on. Each phrase holds a different way of working with plants. It is entirely possible to combine different ways of working, in fact it’s impossible to!

We will consider which plants we each choose to consume, treasure, research or ignore. We will find out about the stories, the magic and the wonder and at how plant medicine has affected people in healing and in different parts of the world at different times.

Have you considered traditional uses or modern uses of these plants? Do you know anything about the appropriation of plant healing or medicine, of intuitive understanding, personal relationship and or community wellbeing? Herbalism can be learned and utilised in so many different ways from running a clinic to sustaining a community to making personal remedies and rewilding. Consider how you’d like to practice herbalism and what aspects excite you the most.

You will be introduced to home herbalism with the heart and hearth at the centre. This course is about you and your learning and you can take it as deeply as you’d like to. What feeds your fire? What nourishes your soul or spirit? What makes you smile or wonder? Which plants are you drawn to? Which plants appear around you? There are so many things to consider before we even begin to make medicine or think about healing but this course is the best place to start!

Herbal Medicine Beginners Course Guide

So, what is in the package?

  • Herbalism: Beginner’s Course
  • Course Memory Stick (containing 18 movie lectures on Herbal Medicine, Conditions, Case Studies and Monographs).
  • Book: Wild Apothecary, Reclaiming Plant Medicine for All
  • Tutor Marking
  • Herbal goodies x 2 (Nettle Tea and Dandelion Coffee)
  • Discount vouchers for further study
  • Herbal Medicine prospectus


memory stick

The herbal medicine beginner’s course is divided into 5 parts:

  1. Tending the Land and Self 
  2. Medicine Making
  3. From Babies to Elders
  4. Case Studies
  5. 20 Monographs (Plant Stories) of commonly used herbs

Each part builds on the next as your knowledge grows. Self-assessment questions are asked throughout the course. These are designed to help you gauge your understanding of the course material. Even if you don’t know the answers, having a go at them will boost your confidence and help you see what you’ve learned.

Perfect for basic home and family health care

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Herbal Medicine Beginners Course

Herbal Medicine Beginners Course

Price includes:
Course study guide
Movie lectures
Tutor marking
1 Year study period
Herb Products