Hedgerow Medicine
Bruton-Seal, Julie & Seal, Matthew

Hedgerow Medicine

Printed in England, paperback, 224 pages

Size195 x 250mm
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Britain's hedgerows abount with remedies for many of today's health problems. It is medicine for free and this book will help you identify it and use it safely.

Since its publicaton in 2008, Hedgerow Medicine has become a herbal bestseller, the inspiration for medicinal foragers old and new. Julie Bruton-Seal, a practising medical herbalist, and her co-author, the editor and writer Matthew Seal, have lovingly assembled practical information on the use of over 50 native plants, illustrated by Julie's stunning photographs.

Hedgerow Medicine offers clear instruction on which plants to harvest, and when, and details over 120 recipes, showing how to make them into teas, vinegars, oils, creams, pillows, poultices or tinctures. Julie and Matthew explain which ailments can be treated and what benefits can be expected.

Hedgerow Medicine
Preface   7
Introduction   9
Harvesting from the hedgerow   10
Using your hedgerow harvest   12

Agrimony    20     
Mugwort    121
Bilberry    24     
Mullein    126
Birch    28    
Nettle    130
Blackberry, Bramble   32 Oak    136
Burdock    36    
Pellitory of the wall  140
Cherry    40
Plantain    142
Chickweed    42 Ramsons    148
Cleavers    46  
Raspberry    152
Comfrey    50 Red clover    155
Couch grass    54 Red poppy    158
Curled dock    58 Rosebay willowherb    162
Dandelion    62 Self-heal    166
Elder    68 Shepherd's purse    171
Figwort    74 Sorrel    174
Guelder rose, Crampbark    78 St John's wort    176
Hawthorn    80 Sweet cicely    182
Honeysuckle, Woodbine    86 Teasel    185
Hops    88 Vervain    188
Horse chestnut    90 White deadnettle    191
Horseradish    94 Wild lettuce    194
Horsetail    96 Wild rose    196
Lime, Linden    100 Willow    202
Lycium    103 Willowherb    204
Mallow    108 Wood betony    206
Meadowsweet    112 Yarrow    210
Mint    116      

Notes to the text   216
Recommended reading   219
Resourses   220
Index   221
The authors   224

Hedgerow Medicine is a wonderful book that all herbalists need. It embodies a heartfelt love of herbalism combined with clearly articulated scientific insights. I plan to get some schools here [California] using it and will promote it as much as possible.
David Hoffman, author of 'Holistic Herbal'

My absolute herbal inspiration nowadays is Julie and Matthew's wonderful book, Hedgerow Medicine, which to my mind is the best home-use British herbal that has ever been written - such a beautiful, inspiring and empowering book!
Rose Titchiner, flower essence maker

Contains enough information to save the NHS a fortune.
This England

I don't say this too often about the books, I review, but this book is without quesiton one you simply must have.
Bushcraft magazine

Julie & Matthew Seal

About the Authors
Julie Bruton-Seal is a practising naturopathic herbalist, iridologist  and craniosacral therapist. A Fellow of the Association of Master Herbalists (AMA), she is also a writer, photographer, artist, silversmith and graphic designer.

Matthew Seal has worked as an editor and writer in books, magazines and newspapers for over fifty years, in the UK and South Africa. He founded the Professional Editors' Group in Johannesburg and is an advanced professional member of the Chartered Institute for Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).