Becoming a herbalist



The emphasis on this course is to obtain a wonderful introduction to the world of herbal medicine. You will learn that certain herbs will help with specific health conditions, and how to make up remedies for minor ailments, while understanding that herbs also work for more serious conditions.

After this course, if you decide that you would like to train as a professional herbalist, you can choose from the various degree courses or NIMH (National Institute of Medical Herbalists) accredited courses in the UK and elsewhere. Following successful graduation from our course, if you want to continue your study in Herbal Medicine to become a Herbalist, you may be able to apply for advanced entry into year two of another programme – we are working to secure this. However, if you do plan to do that then it is always good to check with the other course provider in advance. 

Questions to ask yourself

The route to becoming a herbalist is a real journey of discovery, from both a personal and a professional perspective. You will be encouraged to be reflective and aware of your developing skills as a healer, as well as building a base of herbal knowledge for your practice. We hope that the following questions may guide and help you in making your first choices. Please do call us if you would like to chat about your options.

What makes me want to become a herbalist? 
Many people spend time creating a career and family and then come to a point where they feel they have unanswered questions about their life. Maybe they are at a 'crossroads' and they fancy a change of direction? Maybe they want to find more balance in life and want to work for themselves? Many people are drawn to studying herbal medicine through positive personal experiences and just know that it seems to make sense. Whatever your reason for taking our course, our aim is to listen fully and to provide you with sound information. This will enable you to make a well informed and good decision about your future.

Do I know what I'm getting into? 
We highly recommend that you have received treatment from a professional herbalist, so that you understand this system of medicine from personal experience. This will give you an insight into the role of a practitioner, as well as gaining empathy from the patient's perspective and learning about the effect of the herbal remedies.

Do I have the required skills?
You don't need to have any specific prior experience or training to enrol on our Herbal Medicine Foundation course. You do need to be willing to study and if you like researching and pulling together ideas this is right up your street! Being self-motivated and organised is also pretty vital. But most important of all are general 'life skills' as a level of maturity is needed. This is rarely appropriate training for anyone who has just left school.

Have I got the time and commitment? 
To become a fully qualified professional herbalist takes three to five years of full time training. Having said this, you can simply take it as far as you wish to. Some people just want to be able to help family and friends, in which case our Herbal Medicine Foundation Course will probably be sufficient.

What will it cost? 
Each course provider sets their own fees and we always ensure that our courses are competitively and fairly priced. The price for the Herbal Medicine Foundation course can be found on the course enrolment page.

Have I got the support of friends/family?
It is always good to have the support of friends and family when embarking on any new course of study. Learning a new subject is inspiring but it does take time away from other aspects of life. Family and friends will need to support you and give you the time and space to study. 

Do I want to be self-employed? 
Becoming a herbalist means you can steer your career through many different pathways. However, most herbalists are self-employed, consulting with individual patients. Whilst this can be a big plus for many, it is important to take into account this may also involve a more unpredictable income and the need to be adaptable. Other aspects that you will consider at some stage will be marketing and maintaining accounts etc. It also means you need to set realistic charges and make sure you get paid!

Choosing your education
There are many different courses available, both in the UK and elsewhere, and it is important to find one that is right for you. There are fantastic herbal medicine schools all over the world.

Any questions... just give us a call on 01453 709 709