Nutritional Therapist Advanced Course Teachers

Teacher Movies

Unit 9

Movie Presentations    
Organic Acid Test Sarah Hanratty 18m
Movie Lectures
Biochemistry parts 1-7 Mary Sharma
Case Analysis of Lily parts 1-7 Mary Sharma 1h40m
Case of Lily parts 1-7 Mary Sharma 1h40m
Nutrition in Practice Mary Sharma 7m
Unit 10

Movie Presentations    
Clinical Supervision Sarah Hanratty 13m
Nutrition Supervision Mani Norland 11m
Movie Lectures
Applied Nutrition, Assessing Toxic Encumbrance Mary Sharma 6m
Applied Nutrition, Iridology Mary Sharma 22m
Applied Nutrition, Nails
Mary Sharma 15m
Applied Nutrition, Progressing the Case Mary Sharma 11m
Applied Nutrition, Tongue
Mary Sharma 20m
Assessment Techniques
Mary Sharma 10m
Clinical Supervision Mary Sharma 11m
Unit 11

Movie Presentations    
Understanding Nutrition Research Sarah Hanratty 11m
Movie Lectures
Clinical Skills Client Practitioner Relationship
Mary Sharma 26m
Mary Sharma 3m
Legal Considerations
Mary Sharma 8m
Research 1-4 tracks Kate Chatfield 54m
Unit 12
Movie Presentations    
Advancing into Practice Sarah Hanratty 16m
Taking Flight 1-2 tracks Mani Norland 28m
Movie Lectures
At the Centre of it All (Brand Essence) Mani Norland 8m
Exploring Your Environment (Research) Mani Norland 13m
Figures Explained Mani Norland 7m
Getting an Overview Mani Norland 13m
How You Do What You Do (Values) Mani Norland 17m
I Have a Dream (Ultimate Dream) Mani Norland 4m
Introduction to Business Studies
Mani Norland
The Business Model Mani Norland 9m
The Guiding Light (Vision) Mani Norland 21m
The Pathway Through the Landscape (Mission)
Mani Norland
Website Tips Mani Norland 15m


Teacher biographies

The following teacher provided material and lectures for this Nutritional Therapist Advanced Course.

 Mary Sharma

Mary Sharma
Mary became a nutritional therapist in 2002 after training with the Plaskett College of Nutritional medicine. Since then she has trained in many disciplines including homotoxicology, Iridology and Ayurveda.

Marys interest in nutrition started many years earlier, in her teens when her mother used nutrition to support herself whilst coming off of the many drugs that she had been prescribed for her spinal tumour a few years earlier. This was the 1970’s when there was little knowledge about nutrition or even alternative medicine. It was several years later, after the birth of her first child, that Mary discovered a small course in ‘Allergy Therapy’ which taught muscle resistance testing to identify food sensitivities. This course taught Mary how to test effectively for food and chemical sensitivities and how to assist people with dietary changes so that they could return to health. However, the course did not fully answer her questions as to why people had become intolerant to certain foods or chemicals in the first place.It was at this point, whilst still training in Allergy therapy that Mary was told of a short correspondence course in Nutrition.  This course began to answer questions for her such as why people got ill, how we can give our children a healthier future and how good nutrition was at the base of optimal health.

Mary has been in private practice since 1994 and works along-side many other disciplines. Mary's passion is now to offer training in naturopathic medicine so that other practitioners can bring this message to their clients and make this a healthier, happier place to live.


Karen Carman Nutrition Tutor

Karen Carman
Karen Carman, originally trained as a Speech and Language Therapist, Karen’s interest in the power of nutritional healing was sparked after it brought her own health back to balance following period of prolonged illness. Realising this was the career for her, Karen then qualified as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist in 2001.  

Keen to further her knowledge, she later qualified with diplomas in Child Nutrition, Allergy Therapy and as a Women’s Health Practitioner.

Exploring the psychological elements of nutrition and how our emotional and core beliefs can affect our food choices is central to the way Karen works.

Karen now runs a busy private practice in Monmouthshire, weaving around her family life.


 Michele Wood

Michele Wood
Michele’s interest in Complementary healthcare started in 1997 when she qualified as a therapist in Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage. In 2000 she commenced her nutrition training, graduating with a Diploma from the Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College which she subsequently upgraded to a BSc at the University of West London (UWL).

Michele has an extensive background supporting distance learners, gaining her PGCE in 2006 and becoming Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for the online BSc in Nutritional Medicine at UWL (formerly TVU). While working part-time as a therapist in two clinics Michele wrote and delivered the RSPH level 4 Diploma in Nutrition, as well as various short programmes across Adult Learning centres in Buckinghamshire. Michele is trained to support dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties and has worked with learners of all abilities.

An accomplished writer, Michele currently writes Nutrition articles on a freelance basis and has also authored a chapter in a textbook for healthcare professionals: Developing Holistic Care for Long Term Conditions.


Kate Chatfield

Kate Chatfield
Kate Chatfield has a background in philosophy (BA), holistic healthcare provision (MSc) and bioethics (PhD) and works as a bioethicist and qualitative researcher with the Centre for Professional Ethics.

Formerly a Senior Lecturer at UCLan for 15 years, she was at the forefront of university developments in e-learning, creating innovative postgraduate courses that enabled communal learning for groups of students from all over the world. This work included the writing and development of cross-disciplinary modules in research methods, research ethics and critical thinking that had transnational applicability.

Kate also acts as supervisor and social science mentor for postgraduate students and staff for a range of activities (e.g. research ethics, interviews, focus groups and Delphi studies). Her main areas of interest in research are global research ethics (including animal rights in research) and responsible research and innovation.

 Mani Norland

Course Director: Mani Norland RSHom
Mani Norland is Managing Director of The School of Health and Principal of the School of Homeopathy. Mani trained as a homeopath with the School of Homeopathy. Mani is a founding member of Homeopathy Course Providers Forum and a founding member of the 4Homeopathy (the pro homeopathy group of 11 organsations in the UK). With this group Mani has been instrumental in the re-branding of homeopathy in the UK with the development of a new logo, celebrity campaigns and media intervention. Mani also teaches students in the 4th year about setting up in practice. In his ‘other life’ Mani worked in London as a brand and business consultant for over 10 years. He advised board level directors on business creation, vision and image. Mani is passionate about the positive promotion of homeopathy to the general public and has written many consumer facing articles on homeopathy and been interviewed on BBC radio several times.


 Amanda Norland

Course Manager: Amanda Norland BA(Hons)
Amanda Norland is a Director of The School of Health. She is also Course Manager for all the courses. One of her principal roles is to look after the wellbeing of the students. Amanda is responsible for the School of Health network of Tutors and Supervisors. She studied homeopathy at the School of Homeopathy. Prior to taking up her position with The School of Health, Amanda trained as a designer and worked in Bristol and London. Her role led her into talent management at 20|20, where she was responsible for a team of over 20 designers.


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