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Online distance learning courses

The School of Health provides professional high quality home study courses for students and practitioners of alternative medicine. They are ideal for anyone who desires flexible learning. Study can be done anywhere in the world and be started whenever you like. The courses can be spread over generous time periods so they can be fitted into busy life schedules.

You receive encouragement and guidance from a personally assigned tutor who supports you throughout your endeavours, giving written feedback on your assignments. Mentors and tutors are practising and fully qualified practitioners, chosen for their skills in helping you learn. The home study manager, supervises your progress, and is available for queries and pastoral care. We also have other in-house facilitation, should any issues be beyond our scope. If you have email access this is a fast and effective way to send your assignments and to ask any questions regarding your study.    


Homeopathy First Aid for Home
Homeopathy First Aid for Baby
Homeopathy First Aid for Pets
Homeopathy Taster Course
1 Year : Homeopathy Foundation Diploma Course
2 Year : Homeopathy Introduction into Practice Diploma Course
3 Year : Homeopathy Higher Diploma (Part 1) Course
4 Year : Homeopathy Higher Diploma (Part 2) Course 


Nutrition Beginners Course
Nutrition Advisor Diploma Course

Nutrition Therapist Diploma Course
Nutrition Therapist Advanced Diploma Course


Naturopathy Diploma Course
Ayurveda Medicine Module
Chinese Medicine Module
Tibetan & Unani Medicine Module
Homeopathy Module
Naturopathy Module
Homotoxicology Module
Psychosocial Module
Iridology Module
Hydrotherapy Module
Dentistry Module


Herbal Medicine Beginners Course
Herbal Medicine Foundation Diploma Course


Yoga Foundation Diploma Course

Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology Diploma Course

Pathology & Disease

Pathology & Disease Diploma Course

Medical science courses
The two medical science courses above provide a supporting knowledge of orthodox medicine to give alternative practitioners a sound understanding of the functioning and malfunctioning of the human body. This essential learning will help with the assessment and treatment of patients, and in decision making in referring patients to other practitioners. An understanding of conventional medicine is essential for the practitioner because of the demand for higher standards of alternative practice. Many alternative colleges use or recommend our courses, as do thousands of individual students and practitioners.

Homeopathy courses
Our homeopathy courses are from the highly prestigious School of Homeopathy in the UK. The School of Homeopathy was founded in Devon, England in 1981 by its current Course Leader, internationally acclaimed homeopath Misha Norland FSHom. It is the longest running homeopathy college in the UK and plays a leading role in creating and maintaining the highest standards of teaching and development of homeopathic interest and understanding around the world. Our Home Study programs follow a similar curriculum to the attendance courses. We take the best of the School's work and teaching and bring it to you, at home.


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Start when you like, study at a pace that suits you, continual assessment - there are no exams