Unit 10: Dentistry and Health

In this module we are going to look at the importance of dental health and how it impacts upon the overall health of the body. This module has been included because the effects of dentistry are often overlooked or ignored or, worse still, attributed to something else. Many practitioners have little or no knowledge about how important the health of the teeth is to our overall health and how many diseases can have their roots in unhealthy teeth or regular dental procedures.


We will look at some of the modern dental techniques and how these can have an adverse impact upon health. Many dentists are not aware of how the work they are doing on individual teeth will affect the overall health of the body. This is particularly important in light of the latest trend of ‘cosmetic dentistry’.

It is now accepted that gum disease is associated with heart attacks. However, you will remember from the Naturopathic Module that the heart is the last ‘port of call’ for the disease process. The body seeks to protect the heart for as long as possible from a naturopathic and homeopathic philosophical perspective. We also perhaps need to keep in mind that bacteria can attack anywhere though. We therefore come back to the strength of the constitution, immune system, ability to detoxify and ultimately, the state of the ‘terrain’ as to whether someone will be susceptible or not. We will look at various factors that contribute to heart disease alongside pathogenic oral bacteria including increased oxidative stress and misplaced calcium.

Dentists are fully aware of the effects of gum disease (periodontal disease) and have many strategies in place to help correct it. They are also aware that the process of dental caries can result in extensive conservation work which can have a biochemical and physiological effect upon the body. For example, they know that procedures such as implants, crowns or root canal treatments should not be carried out when there is overt periodontal disease present in the mouth. Many dentists however are not fully aware of the extent of the effects that these procedures can have upon the otherwise healthy or asymptomatic body. 

We will begin this module by looking at some of the forgotten research into dentistry and health and then move on and study dental foci in some detail. We will also look at how the teeth are associated with acupuncture meridians and how diseased teeth can affect the meridian by “energetically blocking” the free flow of Chi.  Conversely, body organs associated with these acupuncture meridians can also be the cause of energetic blockages which then affect the corresponding teeth.

We will then move on and look at tooth anatomy, and most importantly, we will consider the connection between the mouth bacteria and the gut microbiome. You will then study dental pathology and modern dental techniques and their implications to overall health.

Finally, we will study how we can assist our clients in using natural methods to improve their oral health, including diet and natural toothpastes and mouthwashes.

We will start this module with looking at the research of some very well-known dental pioneers.

Dentistry Course 

Units: 1
Study Hours:
Time: Estimated
2 months (timing up to you)
Enrolment period:
4 months (with option to extend)
Purchased separately
Certificate in Dentistry
Study Options:
 E-learning (online) or Correspondence (paper)


Aims of the course

  • To have an appreciation of how various dental procedure impact health
  • To understand the different dental procedures that are carried out routinely by dentists
  • To understand basic dental pathology and disease
  • To have an understanding of the various research that has taken place into dentistry and health over the last century
  • To be aware of current research into the connections between various medical conditions and dental procedures
  • To appreciate the connections between the oral microbiome and the gut microbiome
  • To provide information about safe mercury removal and detoxification
  • To provide a combined resource of information for all aspects of dental health

Why study Dentistry
The effects of the various dentistry procedures are often overlooked by practitioners when assessing their client’s case history. This module provides a range of information that will provide you with the tools to understand how much your client’s oral health is impacting their current symptom picture. For the first time here is a resource that contains details of meridians and teeth, dental foci, research into diet and its impact upon dental and structural health, pathology, disease and dental procedures, latest research into pathology and its connection with dental procedures such as root canals and implants, mercury toxicity and detoxification and dietary considerations for dental health. The information contained in this module is essential for all practitioners to be aware of and will serve only to enhance your practice and understanding of your clients conditions.

Learning outcomes
To have a basic understanding of various dental procedures and their impact upon health

To have a basic understanding of the anatomy of teeth and that a tooth is a living organ

To have a basic understanding of how diet affects the health of teeth and the avoidance of dental caries

To have an awareness of the research of Weston Price and its relevance to nutrition and human evolution

To have a basic understanding of dental foci

To have an awareness of the connections between the mouth and gastrointestinal tract and the microbiome.

A programme that combines the four main Eastern medicines with Naturopathy disciplines.