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Learn more about natural medicine, get inspired and take action. and what you can do to take better care of yourself.


The Clinic

Book an appointment in one of our low cost student clinics, with our of our faculty, or with a student under supervision.

Principles of Good Health

Read about a holistic approach to health that takes into consideration everything from diet, exercise, sleep, hydration, de-stressing, and natural approaches to wellbeing.

Natural Health Definitions

Read about all the different types of natural medicine available, with clear definitions, information on their origins history, uses and the main principles.

A-Z of Health

Over the years we have written many articles on different health topics, check the A-Z guide and find new inspiration to help improve your wellbeing. 

Health Surveys

The School of Health has commissioned health surveys of 2000 people through OnePoll looking at a specific attitudes towards health. read about our last two surveys: Natural Health Service and Healthy Planet, Healthy People.


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