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Top tips on how to help tackle climate change

31 May 2019 at 15:46

Healthy Planet, Healthy People

A new study commissioned by The School of Health reveals that three quarters of us think climate change is the biggest threat to humanity.

The School of Health has been educating about gentle, ecological approaches to health and well-being for almost 40 years. Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health, and homeopathy is one of the most sustainable and ecological systems of medicines available.

Top tips from The School of Health on how to help tackle climate change:

Food for thought:

  • Cut down on meat, especially beef and lamb.
  • Buy organic and free-range produce wherever possible
  • Choose fish certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
  • Love your leftovers. Get creative and reduce food waste.

Shop smart:

  • Say no to unnecessary packaging by choosing loose items, reusing shopping bags and carrying your own coffee cup and water bottle
  • Avoid products containing palm oil – it’s in around half of all products in the supermarket
  • Shop local – visit your nearest farmers’ market and buy food that is in season and produced locally (avoid air freighted products)

Save energy:

  • Switch to a green energy supplier
  • Turn the heating down and throw on another sweater instead
  • Don’t over-fill the kettle or leave the tap running
  • Wash at low temperatures
  • Don’t tumble dry – hang out your clothes instead and enjoy the fresh air scent
  • Insulate your home by double glazing, using draught excluders and lagging the loft
  • Turn off appliances and chargers overnight - don’t leave on standby
  • Install solar panels
  • Reduce, recycle and reuse everything you can
  • Put your money where your mouth is, switch to an ethical bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels

Way to go:

  • Drive less, walk more, work from home, get a bike, use the bus, car share
  • Fly less, have more UK holidays
  • Buy an electric or hybrid car when you can

Back to nature:

  • Grow your own veg
  • Re-wild your garden and local community – plant some trees, encourage insects and wildlife
  • Consider using natural systems of medicine to promote healthy people and a healthy planet
  • Buy nature friendly biodegradable cleaning products

Pile on the pressure:

  • Write to your MP to ask them what the Government is doing to protect the planet

Click: To take the survey yourself

Click: To look at the survey data

Click: To read a more in-depth article


Healthy Planet, Healthy People

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