Intro into Practice Course Testimonials

Studying homeopathy is like stepping into another world. You leave the mad pace of life behind and enter a welcome haven of tranquillity. Here the tutors are there to support you on your journey with such faith in you that you cannot fail to achieve your potential. Barbara, Graduate

Meg, Student

I came to homoeopathy after a friend suggested I seek alternative assistance for our son, James, who was stricken with an autistic-like disability as a result of vaccinational encephalitis. Through that first seminar I knew instinctually that homoeopathy would be the path through which we would find the help which we so desperately sought. After the MMR vaccine our James went from a totally normal 18-month-old to complete deafness in both ears (as evaluated medically by a brain stem test), banging his head on his crib, and a nearly complete stoppage of all cognitive/language development. Through homoeopathic treatment Jamie's hearing has been completely restored, language has increased and he has been able to function in his world without the use of any allopathic medications. He is far from "cured", but we continue to move forward.

Prior to devoting myself entirely to homoeopathic practice, I was a professional musician, having performed as a vocal soloist, orchestral/chamber music violist and pianist throughout New England. As a teenager, I taught violin and viola lessons to younger students and continued on with that practise until I began having children and took on more professional musical "gigs". I still play professionally upon occasion and play daily for the sheer joy of it. I was also involved in the allopathic side of things through my experiences in nursing, but have found homoeopathy to be of such deeper and more lasting benefit that practising anything else seemed quite inadequate. 

I am the mother of three children - Betsy, Jamie, and Becca, (aged 20, 17, and 14) and the therapeutic foster mother of a two-year-old little girl with multiple medical and developmental issues. I have been married to my husband, John, for 21 years, and he has been so supportive of my studies! Currently I am nearing the finishing point in my homoeopathic studies with The School of Homoeopathy and am taking cases under clinical supervision with the school, readying myself for independent practice. I have learnt such a great deal about myself through this study, finding that the pursuit of homeopathic practice is, in and of itself, a journey into one's own soul. As we strive to understand another's pain and disease, we are brought face to face with our own imbalances and we are reminded "what needs to be cured?" I have been so grateful for the growth that has taken place within me as a result of my studies with the school, both emotionally and professionally. 

I would like to say a few words about the wonderful homeopathy course I studied. It was the end of my search for a fulfilling job. Looking back over the time I spent at The School of Homeopathy, for me the best thing is an ongoing feeling of having done something very worthwhile. Even if I decided tomorrow to stop working as a professional homeopath, I still wouldn’t have any feelings of regret, of 'I should have done something else'. The whole four year course has been an incredibly special experience, on both a professional as well as a personal level. For everyone who is considering doing the same course, I have only two words – do it! Claus, Graduate

Claudia, Graduate

I came to homeopathy through my daughter's deteriorating health right after birth due to mis-diagnosis and subsequent mis-treatment by the paediatrician on duty at the hospital at the time. She was in neonatal care for four days and given antibiotics for an infection she didn't have. When we got home she had diarrhoea, thrush and weight loss and none of the regular doctors could effect any improvement. After unsuccessful visits to the regular doctors, we finally saw a homeopath and right away things improved. Thereafter I was 'hooked' to find out more and understand how homeopathy worked. One of the main reasons I started studying homeopathy is that I feel very strongly about having the ability to help my family and not have to depend on mainstream health care again.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong (German parentage) and have lived in Europe and South America, before settling in Toronto. I worked for 16 years in numerous varying jobs, before settling and having a daughter, having been famous amongst my friends for changing jobs the whole time, with mixed results. Most of the jobs were related to marketing/projects in the hotel business, and towards the end, working as a PA for Presidents of multi-national (usually German) companies in Hong Kong. None really satisfied me, in part because I'd lose interest or lose the respect for my superiors. Originally, I was always interested in both philosophy as well as anything to do with natural laws, but since I didn't want to stay in Germany (where I went to school most of the time but did not get on with the educational system), I decided to take up work in the hotel business to get me abroad.

Learning to be a homeopath finally combines all my interests. In particular, it gives me great satisfaction and a sense of not being helpless regarding the care of both my own and my family's health (and that of others in the future). The way public health in general is going, I believe there will be a great and urgent need for homeopaths and other holistic practitioners and I can only hope to qualify ASAP! The School of Homeopathy was recommended to me by a friend and homeopath while living in Italy. I checked the webpage and read the brochures and didn't really bother much about searching for others. The set-up of the school and Misha's reputation assured me. The flexibility that the school gives is a major relief, especially with the upheavals of living and moving to various different countries/continents. The tutor has always been nothing but supportive throughout and the school's international programme caters well for that.

What I do greatly miss is connecting with other homeopathically minded people on a more regular basis. I have found the yearly summer camp to be a great boost every time and the chat room sessions very useful in 'combating' the relative isolation you feel at times studying all on your own. I would mention that the personal touch and involvement of all the Norlands is a great feature and something I believe most students agree on - it is one of the great advantages of the school.

This is a mind-expanding course. I came as a bio-chemist and wanted to change career to work in homeopathy and yet I could continue to work in the Lab while studying. This School gives me a professional course and allows me to work too. Kath, Student

Anon, Student

I have used Homeopathy for myself for many years now; and sometimes also for friends. In 2013, I had already approached the school, after seeing some videos from Misha Norland on my iPad application - I think it was called Homeopathic Materia Medica. At that time, I was the caretaker of a beautiful but very sick dog, and used some remedies to help him. Finally, and sadly, the dog died from allopathic drug abuse - it would certainly have been better to let it die without their intervention, but that made me decide to go ahead and study. I started looking for a good online course on Homeopathy, mainly with the view to gain confidence in the use of Homeopathy to help myself and those close to me, including the dogs. From my little experience, I knew that I could do it. After checking a few courses on the web, I felt the School of Homeopathy, UK, offered what I was looking for. In fact, I already knew a year before. Firstly, I like the lectures - audio and videos are a good combination, and the transcripts are very helpful. I am the type of person that needs to learn orally rather than just reading books or essays; I can relate to audio and video in a very direct manner. Secondly, the unit assignments are challenging and I learn a lot trying to do them sincerely, trying to convey what I understand from my own experience rather than just what we hear or read from others - even Hahnemann. Finally, of course, our tutor then can provide advice and feedback, which is great. 

Kristina, Student

When I decided to study homeopathy there was only one school I was interested in and that was The School of Homeopathy. The Tutor Study Day was brilliant! The day whizzed by but I felt I learnt so much. The tutor really brought The Repertory alive. This enormous book I'd be carting around with me, which had only baffled me, started to make sense. There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss any aspects of the material covered. Tea and biccies helped keep us going until lunchtime. The day started at 10am and finished at 4pm. I found this ideal as it gave me plenty of time to get ready in the morning and not arrive feeling frazzled! The length of the day was also ideal as, personally, I was pretty exhausted by then - but nicely so, if you know what I mean. Anyone doing the Correspondence Course should definitely try one of the Tutor Study Days, I'd really recommend them. I've only been to one, but I'll be going back for more!

I interviewed other courses. There is a focus on the journey at The School of Homeopathy. The right path for me. A holistic approach to healing and learning. Only been this certain once before when I met my husband! Ali, Student

Brenda, Student

I would highly recommend your course to anyone interested in Homeopathy. It is outstanding in every way. I was incredibly excited to receive the Booklist 3 books and wanted to write and thank you for your advice on first aid books – the two (from your school and the other) are so perfect. So really thank you and all the great work you guys are doing through your School of Health in England. You can know that's it so appreciated from this end and I'm sure by so many others. There is nothing to beat high quality training and yours is of the highest.

Theresa, Student

Desire to ask questions is encouraged here. This School feels right. I am learning properly for the first time having been on two degree courses previously. Misha’s focus and patience is inspirational.


"I have been well prepared by the school for the challenges of practice"

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Homeopathy Yr 2 Intro into Practice Course Units 8-14

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