Entry requirements

Our courses are open to you if you have a sincere interest in the study of natural health and have the time for reading and research. You will need to be fluent in English.

Most students who come to natural medicine (nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal medicine etc.) are mature learners, but our courses are open to anyone over the age of 18. If you are 18 then it is expected that you will have completed school and ‘A’ levels. If you are a mature learner you may well have studied to ‘A’ level or higher so the course is still open to you regardless. Above all, we ask that you to come with life and work experience, vocational aptitude and an open mind and heart. We provide ample support for those returning to, or are new to, study and we do everything we can to help you succeed. Healing talents, commitment and life experience count for a lot. Having an awareness of, and a desire to be free from, prejudice is also desirable as fixed attitudes obscure not only another’s truth (your patient’s for example) but also your capacity to absorb new ideas.

It is also important that you have researched the subject you wish to learn so you are fully aware what you are 'getting yourself into'. The courses require time and money and you want to be sure the course is right for you. Most of our courses require 14-16 hours a week (if you want to complete them in the suggested time frames - although we give flexible study periods so you can study at a faster or slower pace if you wish).

Finally, make sure you have the finances in place to complete your study. Check the course fees and any additional books (see book lists) or clinical events that maybe required as part of the course - if you are unsure please contact us.

To recap: what we are looking for is:

  • over 18 years of age
  • work & life experience
  • capacity to study
  • dedication
  • ability to express yourself
  • time for reading and research
  • fluency in English
  • finances for learning

It’s not unusual for our students to start without formal qualifications and to become excellent practitioners. If you do not feel you meet the entry requirements then an assessment of prior learning or life experience may be considered at the School's discretion. You may also like to look at the Enrolment Check List. Please contact us for more information. Every application is assessed on its individual merits.

You will need to be self-motivated and fluent in English. The courses start gradually and unfold as you go, so you are guided at every step - most of our students are mature students and are often returning to study after a long break so the courses are designed with this in mind.

It's not unusual for our students to start without formal qualifications and to become excellent practitioners.