Homeopathy Year 1
Foundation Course

Thank you for giving me a life-changing, beautiful experience. As I talk to more and more people (graduates and current students of other colleges) I realise what a wonderful experience the School was. I talk to so many who are angry and dissatisfied with their colleges. And I tell them how much I loved mine! I tell them how it was more than a college, how it changed and nurtured me in ways that are sometimes difficult to describe. Not only did I receive the best homeopathic education, one that is actually world renowned, but I received something that changed my life in the best way possible. One of the best things was how you gently fostered a group spirit among us, even when some of us (like me) resisted that approach. I remember in the early years saying to someone, "I'm only here to learn homeopathy!" Boy, was I wrong! I was here to learn much more about life and love. Well, you know! Sue, Graduate

Winifred, Graduate

I am lucky that my home is in the city of Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand. It is a very special place. Here you get to meet and know a lot of eccentric people. Otherwise I would not have heard of homeopathy because it is very new in Thailand. In fact, there are so few homeopaths in Thailand that I have to see a homeopath in Hong Kong, where I was born, and some friends I have convinced of its power to get treatment when they visit the USA. 

I discovered homeopathy after a recommendation from my dog trainer and became so fascinated I decided to find out more. Now I am really hoping that one day I can practice because it's such an amazing healing art that surely everyone would be benefited. The course is ideal for me as I can fit it in with the other things in my life. As well as my studies I am juggling running a business, which designs and produces wearable art using antique fabric and accessories, and a full-time job as a mum to two lovely Yorkies. 

I began my career in hotel management, working in Hong Kong, Thailand and Cambodia. I also studied in the UK at the University of Bath, where I finished my MBA. Later I moved into marketing and then into the kitchen supply business, eventually getting the job of Chief Executive Officer of the biggest industrial kitchen supply, design and manufacturing group in Asia.  I stayed for three years until my boss, who was also from Hong Kong, was killed in a car accident at the age of 48. That was a wake-up call for me because at that time I was flying around a lot. I decided to quit my high-profile job and move to Chiang Mai to try out a new business idea. I haven't looked back since. 

I enjoy my studies and really appreciate all the help from The School of Homeopathy. Without a peer group, it takes a lot of discipline to sit down and get on with the study. When I was searching around I compared the curriculum in great detail with other schools and found that The School of Homeopathy provided the most comprehensive one. It was the right choice for me. The response is very quick to any questions. Even though I'm half a world away I know that should I need any support I'll get it for sure and timely. Most importantly for me is that the School is teaching classical homeopathy. In my opinion, any other way of 'practising' homeopathy is a deviation from the Organon.

I have done a couple of online courses in the past, and am finding the layout, support and instructions of how The School of Homeopathy has structured the teachings the best by far! I am really enjoying it. Looking forward to getting stuck into Unit 1 and about to get in touch with my tutor to introduce myself. Phoebe, Student

Jade, Student

I am enjoying the course! You should all be extremely proud of the learning platform you've created. I'm currently on a break from a distance learning MA at a highly-ranked UK university, and what you offer is streets ahead of what I have been used to for the past 3 years! It has given me a great thirst for more knowledge and motivation to apply it in the assignments. From my experience, the most important thing a distance learning programme should do is make students feel part of the School even though they are miles away. You have managed this and I really do appreciate it.

I am working my way through the assignments for Unit 1 and reading, taking notes and producing work is proving an absolute joy. It is a stroke of genius that we can express ourselves in different formats, rather than write essay upon essay upon essay, and I really appreciate that. The online tools offer a welcome respite from all the reading too. It is wonderful to be able to sit back and listen to a lecture and feel almost like I'm in the room. As someone who has studied online for over 3 years, it is really a treat to feel like a 'legitimate' student because of this.

Adrienne, Student

I had an overwhelming feeling that I had found the perfect fit as far as Homeopathy Schools. I learned about what it really means to be a homeopath and how important is my own state of mind and spirit as a prescriber. These are things you cannot learn from books or assignments. Overall, the whole experience was very enlightening and inspiring.

I just want to say a quick thank you for all the hard work you're doing for the reputation of The School of Homeopathy as being the best course available internationally. When I've talked to homeopaths they've tended to nod sagely when I tell them which course I'm on, which shows how good a reputation it has in the homeopathic community. Your advertising, PR and branding seems spot on to me. It feels to me that the School is moving on a trajectory of strength and stability, which is a great thing for the School and for me also as a student so thank you for your part in that. Hannah, Student

Naom, Graduate

Good schooling should give the student a knowledge base, founded on others' wisdom and experience. Another objective, which might appear contradictory, is developing the confidence to venture alone and develop one's own ideas.

The School of Homeopathy, very skillfully, manages to achieve both these targets. This is a difficult challenge: none of the (quite a few) institutions for higher education in which I've studied managed to rise to it. 

There are a few factors that make the School of Homeopathy such a success. The solid basis of homeopathic philosophy enables the student to always know where his feet are. The wide range of teachers gives a wide range of styles and wisdom and, most important, the School has so much confidence in the ability of the student to succeed that, as a student, you are inevitably empowered by this autonomy.

What I also like is the spiritual aspect of the school. Homeopathy can be practiced in many forms and there are ways to make it easy and practical. But practical solutions will be limited to treating practical problems. With the kind of learning we got here homeopathy can be a real transformative power in patients' lives. It's been a wonderful four years - I couldn't hope for a better School to learn homeopathy in.

I was between herbalism and homeopathy and choosing this is like reclaiming my path. Being at the School is like putting on clothes that have already been made for me. Joceleyn, Student

David, Student

Firstly, what can I say. It was and is so nice to know that a tutor has taken the time to read the assignments properly and offer what I have seen as the best feedback I have ever received regarding constructive and empowering information. I knew the school was for me when I have spoken to homeopaths who studied at your school but this has now been proven so thank you.

Interestingly, the unit I have just completed was a brilliant and enjoyable unit of learning and consolidation of studies. I am a member of a very active tutorial group locally where two other students from my previous college attend as well as 4 qualified homeopaths (one from the School of Homeopathy) and this has enhanced my understanding and learning of homeopathy more as we discuss real cases, real people in a real-life situation. You have definitely given me the confidence and motivation to continue along the path I am taking and with your guidance I am excited about what the future of homeopathy holds for me. Sorry this sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech but I feel like I have won a golden globe by enrolling with the School of Homeopathy to complete my journey!

Brenda Student

I am really excited about finally being able to study Homeopathy and I absolutely love your thorough high-level professional course. I love everything about it - firstly the flexibility of study years, which for my lifestyle is essential, but then the top quality recommended books and the clear, concise study manual. And the outstanding movie lectures are so appreciated. I am so impressed by the way you have perfected your correspondence course. I have taken various correspondence courses and not one has ever matched your quality. I really thank you for the service you are providing to humanity through this course. I love my studies, I wish I could dedicate my time to them full-time. However, that is not possible right now. I am not sure at what speed I will be able to work through the course, it all depends on so many factors. There are times we are busier than others and I am a perfectionist by nature, so I really would rather go a little slower but acquire a thorough knowledge. 

What I found most difficult with the course initially was setting up a system for studying each remedy. There is such a wealth of information in all the superlative books, I was overwhelmed and incredibly impressed by all the work each author had done in the field in order to accumulate so much knowledge. However, each remedy became easier as I decided upon the categories I would focus on. No doubt I will be modifying and perfecting my system throughout the course so the first remedies took real long, but by the fourth and fifth ones I speeded up considerably. I loved the philosophy part of homeopathy, I find it really fascinating and quite awe-inspiring. The more I study homeopathy the more I love it. I feel real passionate about it really and am enthused to help many people with it in the future. I would highly recommend your course to anyone interested in Homeopathy. It is outstanding in every way so really thank you Amanda and all the great work you guys are doing through your school in England. You can know that's it so appreciated from this end and I'm sure by so many others. There is nothing to beat high quality training and yours is of the highest.

"I feel that I am on a wondrous journey of discovery"

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Homeopathy Yr 1 Foundation Course Units 1-7

Homeopathy Yr 1 Foundation Course Units 1-7

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