Principles of Good Health

Be better, naturally… The main principle of good health is being aware of you and your body’s needs. Reading the signs and symptoms before they fully develop and taking action to look after yourself. Being kind and compassionate to yourself.

Taking care of yourself in a natural, safe and gentle way through preventive: natural medicine, natural diet and natural exercise. And when disease befalls you taking a natural approach first (when it is safe to do so), chemical drugs and surgery intervention are there if you need them.

Natural medicine:

Natural health
Individual treatment
Minimum dose
Toxic chemicals

Natural diet:

A colourful way to get 5 a day
The organic factor
Seasonal local food
A diet free of processed foods
Sugar free for life
Reduce caffeine


Natural exercise:

Exercise your body
Exercise your mind
Time to rest
Healthy sleep


Look after these three areas and the rest will take care of itself. You can easily integrate these principles of good health into your everyday life. They will help ensure a long, healthy and happy life.


Principles of Good Health


Dis-ease befalls us when we are stressed. We have all at some point in our lives been ‘stressed’ many people live with chronic stress every day. Stress can have many causes, external sources that you have less control over such as: a stressful job, relationship, financial difficulties, bereavement etc. External stressors often impact and contribute to internal stressors on the body such as dehydration, poor food choices, exposure to toxic chemicals, overproduction of stress hormones, endocrine imbalances (sex hormones) etc, which then can lead to acute or chronic disease.

Learn about what stresses you and your body. Learn from your mistakes and your achievements. Read the signs and symptoms and adapt or change what you are doing if required. We often know when we have pushed ourselves to much or if something is going wrong but we ignore the signals. Develop your self-awareness so you become more aware of what you are doing and your interactions with others. 

Raising awareness and as such increasing the sensitivity of our inner body will help us to maintain health and inner equilibrium, helping us to sense our bodies innate intelligence (to better listen to) and respond to the body’s needs. By becoming more aware of our body we can more easily rely upon inner guidance to help us decide what we need to do to maintain wellbeing and good health, ultimately, this will also help us in our quest to become more self-reliant, where we look for an inner cue rather than outer guidance. 

Mindfulness and meditation is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. It can stop your mind from having racing thoughts which can in turn cause physiological symptoms. Take time to stop and reflect. Be mindful of what stresses you out mentally, emotional and physically. Have moments of calm where you appreciate the small things and smile at life.


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