The organic factor

Each time we go food shopping and walk down the aisles or browse online, we make a choice of whether to purchase and consume organic or non-organic produce.

That decision might be influenced by either cost, knowledge of the effects of chemicals and pesticides on the body, or family and community beliefs. The detrimental effects of pesticides and artificial fertilisers are well known (remember DDT and the effects on wildlife?) but what are the real advantages of buying organic?

  • Higher levels of nutrients - Research shows that organic crops are up to 60% higher in a number of key nutrients, while a study released in the British Journal of Nutrition has shown that both organic meat and milk contain over 50% more beneficial essential fatty acids than non-organic sources.
  • Lower levels of pesticides and toxic metals – Organic fruit and vegetables contain lower levels of pesticides and the toxic heavy metal cadmium.


Non-organic food often contains harmful hormones and pesticides.