Yr 1 Foundation Course

Fees for the course are listed below. The fees for correspondence and online study methods are the same. Please note that fees include an initial non refundable Registration fee. Post and packing is included in the course price. Course fees for each year can be paid in total or by instalments. If you have any questions about the courses, fees or instalment options please contact us one of our team will be happy to help. If you are ready to enrol and would like to pay online please select from the enrol options below.

Homeopathy Yr 1 Foundation Course Units 1-7

Price includes:
Homeopathy course study guide
Units 1-7
Movie lectures
Personal tutor
Tutor marking
Discussion groups
Online clinics
Tutor group meetings
2 year study period (can be done in 12 months)
Post & Packing
(Booklist 1 required)

Homeopathy Yr 1 Foundation Course Units 1-7
UK £2555 Enrol
Europe £2585 Enrol
North America £2615 Enrol
Rest of World £2615 Enrol
The best way to start your professional training; or for those who simply wish to prescribe for the family

I have done a couple of online courses in the past, and am finding the layout, support, instructions of how the School has structured the teachings the best by far! I am really enjoying it. Thanks for the msg and support.

Student, Phoebe Soebagyo