Suppression means stopping or limiting an action. Frequently we limit the vital energy in our bodies by the use of conventional ‘cures’.

How often do we use a cream to ‘remove’ a rash, a pill to take away a pain, or a medicine to calm our nerves? The main action of these medicines, however, is to palliate the symptom and to moderate its expression rather than to address the susceptibility behind it. They rarely constitute a long-term cure. If we keep palliating a symptom long enough, we may not be able to continue to externalise the illness. As a result, the untreated internal state will be forced to locate another outlet in order to continue to re-balance itself. While we may suppress, or apparently ‘remove’ a symptom from a particular place on the physical body, the next available vent may be anywhere on the mental, emotional or physical level. A simple example of this is when someone has been indulging in many ‘flu cures’ to fix their cold, and then becomes irrationally bad-tempered, as the discharge dries up.


The blocking of our bodies innate healing capabilities.