A diet free of processed foods

Convenience food is now available everywhere, from a ready meal to a packet of crisps to a bar of chocolate.

Most of us know that they are not the best options for a healthy diet, however, figures reveal that sales of ready meals make up the biggest portion of the country’s annual retail food budget. Processed foods are generally high in salt, sugar and often saturated fat. We may look in the convenience meal section of the supermarket and see a label that says ‘low fat’, and assume that it would be a healthier choice. Often that ‘low fat’ choice is very high in sugar, sweeteners, and/or salt (using these as preservatives and to enhance taste). There really are no healthy option convenience meals. These meals are almost always designed to have a longer shelf life than is natural to the ingredients (if you made a macaroni cheese, how many days would you leave it in the fridge before eating it? Some ready meals have over 12-days shelf life!). Often the ingredients have been pre-frozen for many months or transported to the processing factory in a pre-processed state (e.g. freeze dried eggs, dehydrated potato flakes), and much of the natural nutrition will have been lost.


The less food is processed the closer it stays nature.