Seasonal local food

The advent of the modern age has many perks, one of these being we can enjoy every variety of fruit and vegetable every day of the year, regardless of their natural growing season. But, how long have veg and fruit, for example a pineapple, spent in transit. Was it picked hard and un-ripened off the tree, then artificially ripened and irradiated before it got to the supermarket? Often it can be as long as 2 weeks from removal off the tree to the shelf.

Remember that our bodies are still essentially cavemen and cavewomen in their requirements, we are not evolving as fast as technology. Our bodies respond to the seasons and for the foods naturally grown within them, for example: the season of Spring sees the emergence of the body from the winter’s hibernation, we ‘awake’ ready to be nourished by spring greens which are rich in nutrients and cleansing to the liver. Our bodily fluids - stomach acid, bile etc. - are strengthened by foods grown at this time. Conversely, in deep winter, our bodies may not respond well to large amounts of fresh fruit as it is not the natural season, hence they may contribute to a pattern of compromised digestion. Our bodies are designed to feast on fruits during the summer and early autumn to lay down stores for the winter, and our digestion adjusts to this pattern to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients.


Eating seasonally means you are eating the freshest local food.