Recorded, An Introduction to the Periodic Table, Geoff Johnson

Recorded, An Introduction to the Periodic Table, Geoff Johnson

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The Periodic Table in Homeopathy 

The arrangement of the Periodic Table is both orderly and extraordinary! In the mid nineteenth century the Russian chemist, Dmitri Mendeleev used the atomic mass of each element to discover a satisfactory arrangement by which to organise the known elements. He began by arranging the elements according to their atomic mass and discovered that by doing so certain characteristics and properties appeared periodically through his list from smallest to densest atomic mass.

Just as Mendeleev the scientist saw the pattern of the elements according to their atomic structure the Dutch homeopath, Jan Scholten has applied the analogy of the periodic table to the remedies made from the elements.

By comparing the provings of remedies made from the elements and applying these to the pattern of the periodic table, Jan Scholten was able to see that a medicinal pattern was emerging. Given what Jan was learning he decided to rename the Periods and Groups as “Series” and “Stages”. This was because he observed each Series had its own theme that was common to all the elements within that row e.g. all the known remedies from the Ferrum (iron) Series appeared to have some theme or issue to do with “Work” while all those in the Gold Series had a theme of “Leadership & Responsibility”.

Rajan Sankaran, The Joshi’s and others then developed this work.

In this one hour webinar Geoff Johnson will give an overview of the Periodic Table and how it can be used in homeopathy.