Weight Management - 3 Part Series with Nicky Sainty

Weight Management - 3 Part Series with Nicky Sainty

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Weight Management 3-part sequential series

Achieve perfect weight, perfect shape, step-by-step in this progressive 3-part series approach through habit change, environment change and physical change.

Understand what’s been holding you back and more importantly, what you can do about it to move forward freely. 

Embrace this new knowledge with easy-to-implement techniques and practicalities to encompass a new mindset and body, living a healthier life and enjoy being in your own skin again..

Make it do-able, cement one step at a time for lifetime results.

  • Weight & Shape Change - Time-Framed Eating

    • Exploring the different methods

    • Thermogenic Foods

    • The Nature - The Science

    • CLOCK & SIRT Genes

    • Bringing it all together

  • Weight & Shape Change - Balancing Blood Sugar

    • Simplified 360 approach to rebalance

    • Make it personal - Ignite change

    • Breaking the catch-22 cycle

    • Sleep and the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

  • Weight & Shape Change - Instil reason & logic for lasting results

    • Timeline of Change: Food, Movement & Lifestyle Factors

    • Understanding the impact of our environment on health

    • Practical techniques to motivate yourself into action

    • Tools: Recording & Reviewing

    • Setting yourself up for success - Your Environment

    • Setting challenges & Small step changes

Just £30 for all three webinars and recordings after each event. Please click here to purchase. 

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