Recorded, Themes in Casework, Karen Leadbeater

Recorded, Themes in Casework, Karen Leadbeater

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This Webinar was recorded in March 2018. You are purchasing a copy of this webinar to download and view. It comes with the original recording, presentation (when available) and transcript.

Themes in Casework, Karen Leadbeater

In this webinar we will explore a key approach to case analysis and how we can best use it to help us understand the case.

What do we mean by a ‘theme’?  In the same way we might listen out for a refrain in a favourite piece of music, we can tune in to our patients, listening for the patterns in what they choose to bring to the consultation.

A focus on themes can allow us to recognise the patient’s preoccupations and characteristic patterns of experience.  They can also provide valuable clues to the appropriate kingdom and remedy group needed.

Themes key us into pattern thinking, helping us to see the case as a connected whole, and perceive what needs to be cured.

Webinar Aims
We will look at a case where a recognition of the characteristic themes was instrumental in solving the case.