Gentle detoxing - Karen Carman

Gentle detoxing - Karen Carman

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Gentle detoxing -  strategies for cleansing through the winter months


How can we support our detoxification pathways through the winter months?

What are the signs of a metabolically stressed body?

How much should we "push" detoxification during the winter months?

What underlying processes inhibit detoxification?

When really is the "right" time to detox?

Which supplements to support detoxification ? 

Webinar Aims:
This webinar aims to look at the main routes of elimination and how, through using naturopathic techniques, dietary support and supplements where necessary we can assist the body's detoxification processes.

Date: January 22nd 2019
Time: 8pm UK Time  for 60/70 mins
Price: Only £25.00 for non students, £15 for SOH students.