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Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon - A Guide to Homeopathic First Aid

School of Homeopathy and Misha Norland

This is a self-help guide to first aid homeopathy. It provides an introduction to homeopathy, the use of homeopathic medicines, an index of common ailments with recommend remedies, and a brief symptom picture of common first-aid remedies.


Signatures, Miasms, AIDS

Signatures, Miasms, AIDS

Misha Norland and Claire Robinson

The book examines the historical and alchemical background of healing, placing homeopathy firmly within the context of the ancient, unchanging and practical truths of the 'eternal philosophy'. Based upon this, a model for potency selection is offered.


The Four Elements in Homeopathy

The Four Elements in Homeopathy - Mappa Mundi of elements and associated temperaments

Misha Norland in collaboration with Mani Norland

Through developing the traditional teachings of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, the book gathers together and fuses ancient wisdom with contemporary ideas to present us with a unique visual model that aids healers in perceiving the central dynamics of any case.


Homeopathy A Rational Choice

Homeopathy – A Rational Choice in Medicine

Mo Morrish

The book gives a clear and simple introduction of homeopathic medicine and the principles which under-pin it and provides evidence to support its effectiveness and safety. It compares homeopathy and conventional medicine giving the pros and cons of both.


The Clinical Medicine Guide

The Clinical Medicine Guide - A Holistic Perspective

Dr Stephen Gascoigne

A definitive pathology textbook, containing 19 chapters covering the major organ system with dedicated chapters on Philosophy, Pathological Processes, Investigations, Infectious Disease and Cancer. Each chapter discusses both holistic and conventional ideas of medicine.


The Prescribed Drug Guide

The Prescribed Drug Guide A Holistic Perspective

Dr Stephen Gascoigne

In this title Dr Stephen Gascoigne provides clearly presented information about prescribed drugs that is readily accessible and relevant in everyday practice. It is a comprehensive source of information for drug names and their effects.