The Four Elements
Norland, Misha

The Four Elements

Printed in the UK, softback, 160 pages

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The Four Elements in Homeopathy - Mappa Mundi of elements and associated temperaments.

Misha Norland in collaboration with Mani Norland

The Four Elements in Homeopathy is an extended update of the popular booklet Mappa Mundi and the Dynamics of Change. It gathers together and fuses ancient wisdom with contemporary ideas to present us with a unique visual tool that will aid healers in perceiving the central dynamics of any case. This book places the homeopathic remedy quest within the wider context of life and nature, and illustrates how this enlarged understanding can be applied to help the student or practitioner view homeopathic philosophy, materia medica and case work from a 'new' perspective. It also illuminates many remedies and provides a clear guide to potency selection.

This book has been written by Misha Norland who was continually active in the resurgence of homeopathy in the UK since the early seventies. In 1981 he founded the School of Homeopathy and for many years also taught internationally.

Through developing the traditional teachings of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, the book encourages us to reclaim doctrines that have been embedded in world cultures, both Eastern and Western, for thousands of years. Not only do they inform us culturally but also they are eminently practical tools with which a healer can better understand what is going on in their patient.

The book aims to link images, sensations and feelings, symptoms of mind and body, modalities and preferences, by grouping firstly according to correspondence and secondly by polarity. The polarity principle states that action and reaction are equal and opposite. In living systems this mechanism provides homeostasis which regulates the internal environment so as to maintain a stable condition. When this equilibrium is lost, we struggle and fall sick.

As we become chronically ill, because of unresolved trauma and inherited predispositions, our energy is harmfully drained as our homeostatic systems strive but fail to maintain stability. By 'placing' these failures of homeostasis on the Map of the Four Elements an inherent tension of opposites is graphically revealed. This informs us of the relevance of an individual's symptoms, however disparate they may at first glance seem, and in so doing, this guides us in our quest for a similimum.

The energetic profile of hundreds of remedies, obtained by considering signature and source and applying the Map's methodology, is given for comparison with the profile of a patient - a match indicating a remedy to consider.

Linking the dynamic disturbance in a patient to the remedy source is at the core of this work. It will provide students and newcomers with an inspirational guide, and also provide experienced prescribers with many insights.

Mani says "Misha's vision, as demonstrated by this book, was driven by principles which both predate and inform homeopathy. Working with him on illustrating the Map taught me a great deal because the book is packed with seminal ideas that can be engaged with and put into practice. It is a beautifully constructed whole that draws together so much. For this reason the Four Elements Map is taught at the School of Homeopathy and by Jeremy Sherr at the Dynamis School. I feel sure that many homeopaths outside of these two schools will enjoy and be enthused by this elegant book."

Four Elements

Author's foreward
Introduction   1
Historical Roots   7
Elements & Temperaments in Brief   15
Symbolism   21
Polarity   25
Elements & Temperaments in Detail   33
The Four Ages of Man   53
The Practical Application of Mappa Mundi   59
- Case of Mr Abraham   59
- Case of Bewildered   72
- Case of Sera   83
Potency   96
Kingdoms   105
Alchemy   113
Axis Maps   125
Mini Maps   135
Index   162

About the authors

Misha Norland

Misha Norland
Author of The Four Elements in Homeopathy
Author of Signature, Misams, AIDS
Author of Mappa Mundi and the dynamics of change Co-author of Get Well Soon
Founder and director of the School of Homeopathy

The School's Founder, Misha Norland was a Fellow and a founding member of The Society of Homeopaths and was the first editor of its journal. A practitioner for over 30 years, he was Head of Homeopathic Research at the first UK homeopathic college. Widely loved and respected for his teaching and practice skills, he gave numerous lectures and taught many of the world's leading homeopaths. He was also an international clinical facilitator, lecturer and author, and was well known for his contributions to journals, conferences and new materia medica. In addition to running the School in the UK, he taught and overviewed the assessment standards at the School of Homeopathy, New York, and was the principal clinical teacher for the School's International Study programme. Misha loved to blend old and new ideas and weave information together in a noteworthy and memorable way.

Mani Norland

Mani Norland
Mani is Misha Norland's eldest son and grew up with homeopathy all around him. He is Managing Director of The School of Health, managing all of the home study courses and homeopathy books, and is Principal at the School of Homeopathy. Mani represents the School of Homeopathy at the Homeopathy Course Providers' Forum. In his 'other life' for over 10 years Mani worked with many leading London agencies as a brand and business consultant.