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Mani Norland

Mani Norland
Principal & Managing Director

Born in 1971 and brought up by a hippy turned homeopath, lets just say I had an alternative childhood. In a bid to escape the holey clothes I made a break for London and the design industry.

Having worked in many of London's leading agencies my last role was as creative director at 20|20, one of Europe's premium design, branding and strategy consultancies. Over the ten years, among many others, I re-positioned: Ellesse, KwikFit, Sky, Sainsbury's and The Olympics (Greece). I enjoyed the work, I had a lot of fun, I got out of holey clothing, but ultimately my past was catching up with me and bigger ideas were brewing.

I had dreams that involved helping people not businesses. I wanted to enrich lives not wallets. I wanted to give something back at a more meaningful level. Whilst I enjoyed design, branding and strategy I felt it could all be put to better use.

So I went full circle and back to my dad and enrolled on his homeopathy course. I soon learnt that many of the concepts in business and branding are not so dissimilar to Homeopathy - both are about the well-being of an organism, both are about the discovery of a central state or idea and the healthy expression of that state.

So in a final break from the rat race my wife, Amanda and I left our jobs, left London, moved to Devon, and bought The School of Health so we could turn our dreams into reality.

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