Homeopathy 20 Questions Answered
School of Homeopathy

Homeopathy 20 Questions Answered

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Many people today are confused about homeopathy, and this little booklet from the School of Homeopathy addresses the need for better information, evidence and facts about homeopathy. Simply explained with one question per-section it provides neat and succinct answers.

Homeopathy 20 Questions Answered

1   How widespread is the use of homeopathy?
2   What is homeopathy?
3   What makes people want to try homeopathy?
4   Does homeopathy help people to improve their health?
5   What sort of people use homeopathy?
6   What research is there is in homeopathy?
7   What is Evidence Based Medicine?
8   What about the evidence checks and reviews against homeopathy?
9   Why don't we see more research into homeopathy?
10 What is the best source of evidence and research into homeopathy?
11  How does homeopathy work?
12  Some people say "Homeopathy cannot work.", "Homeopathy does not work."
13  Do all scientists agree about homeopathy?
14  Isn’t homeopathy just placebo?
15  Is it right to treat people with medicines if we don’t know how they work?
16  What should I expect if I book a homeopathic consultation?
17  Is homeopathy available on the NHS?
18  Is homeopathy suitable for animals?
19  Is homeopathy used around the globe?
20  Does homeopathy have a place in a sustainable future?

I found the booklet very clear and informative. If I were a lay person looking for something simple yet accurate on homeopathy and its use in the world and National Health Service (NHS), I would go for this booklet. The format of twenty questions and answers gives the opportunity to explain in simple words what can be for many complex and hard to get an idea of. All aspects of the open discussion on homeopathy are gradually touched as one proceeds in reading. Starting from how in the world homeopathy is viewed and used, to who tries homeopathy, for what and with what results.

The thorny issue of having homeopathy in the NHS is handled with equanimity, explaining how homeopathy has been incorporated since NHS inception, how very little it costs to the NHS and yes there is sound evidence of homeopathy’s effectiveness. I particularly liked that it was also shown that 50% of NHS treatments have unknown effectiveness (as illustrated by the British Medical Journal), including the SSRI anti-depressants with £150 million spent (compared to the £152,000 spent on homeopathy) and only 11% of NHS treatments are proven truly beneficial.

Excellent is the explanation of Evidence Based Practice where it is reminded that it is a three legged stool. That it is not only the best research evidence that is taken into consideration in the
decision-making process for patient care but also the preferences of the doctor and the patient. That disagreeing in science is normal, that selection bias has been used in the famous Lancet review and that most pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed have no real known mechanism of drug action but nonetheless they are used.

And finally that, excluding homeopathy from the NHS is going against the fundamental constitution of the NHS, that “none should be excluded” besides the most practical thing homeopathy opponents like to keep silent about…it costs less with much more effectiveness and less harm done to patient.
Dr Hilary Spiteri, Holistic Health Practitioner

Inviting in tone and topic choice, this booklet feels like a conversation between friends, asking the reader only to lend a short bit of time and an open mind. I appreciate that it is loaded with facts, figures, and sources for those statistics. The topics covered were well-explained and created a lovely base of understanding which will serve so well those with interest and little knowledge as to 'what Homeopathy is', 'how it works', and 'if it is effective'. Perhaps it will also serve as inspiration for anyone who wishes to explain the beauty, concept, and value of Homeopathy in 5 minutes or less!
Ingrid Pollyak, Student of Homeopathy

Its an interesting work on a very important issue, as it is, clarifying the concept of homeopathy to the general public.
Carlos Palma, Student of Homeopathy

This booklet will remove the confusion that lingers in some people’s minds when they consider having homeopathic care. I greatly appreciate the inclusion of sources of studies and statistics. For the concerned, this booklet is a general guide and the cited sources will allow them to dig deeper to understand the evidence of efficacy, and the gentle nature of our beautiful medicine.  
Maxina Ventura, Homeopath