The Prescribed Drug Guide
A Holistic Perspsective

Dr Stephen Gascoigne

The Prescribed Drug Guide

Printed: in Ireland, paperback
ISBN: 0952218941
Size: 148 x 210mm
Pages: 280
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In this title from Dr Stephen Gascoigne he provides clearly presented information about prescribed drugs that is readily accessible and relevant in everyday practice. It is a comprehensive source of information for drug names and their effects.

Introductory chapters describe holistic views of prescribed drugs and how to manage patients who take them. There is a clear classification of how to determine the strength of action of prescribed drugs according to five levels:

  • Drugs taken occasionally for symptomatic relief.
  • Drugs taken regularly for relatively mild disorders.
  • Those drugs which cannot be stopped suddenly if taken long-term.
  • Drugs used for relatively severe mental or emotional symptoms.
  • Drugs used in cases of life-threatening disease.

Subsequent chapters list prescribed drugs used in the treatment of different diseases. They are ordered by system, e.g. asthma, angina, arthritis, epilepsy and so forth and contain details of all the commonly used prescribed drugs. Information here includes details of generic and brand names, uses, when not to be used, cautions and effects. The effects are described in clear terms and the use of medical jargon is kept to a minimum. Case examples are also often used.

This book is an invaluable guide for all holistic practitioners and their patients.

A comprehensive source of information for drug names and their effects.