Mo Morrish BSc, MCCH, RSHom, Cert.Ed.

Mo Morrish

I am a practicing homeopath with over 20 years experience. I live and work in Exeter, my practice is in the city centre at The Homeopathic Practice.

Previously a Microbiologist, I graduated from the College of Classical Homoeopathy in 1991 and registered with the Society of Homeopaths in 1994.

Now Principal and owner of the British School of Homoeopathy, in Exeter, where I have taught since 1992, I also co-ordinate the School’s supervised clinical training.

I have a particular interest in the healing of men and the development of a positive and healthy masculinity within this culture. I have worked regularly at Positive Action South West with people struggling with HIV and AIDS.

In 2006 I published published a book exploring my homoeopathic philosophy, entitled 'Medicine Flows'.  In 2009 I published a second book, ‘Homoeopathy: A Rational Choice in Medicine’.

I am committed to individuality, simplicity, clarity and fun in both life and learning. A poet by nature, outside of 'work' I enjoy good red wine and relaxing with my wife and family.

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