Materia Medica (revised & enlarged edition)
Phatak, S.R.

Materia Medica (revised & enlarged edition)
Materia Medica (revised & enlarged edition)

Printed in India, hardback, 751 pages.

Size145 x 220mm
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"Materia medica and repertory are the twin pillars on which a successful practice of homeopathy stands. Both are complementary to each other. None is complete in itself.

Study of materia medica is a long drawn out effort. There is no short or easy road to success.

Drugs should become your friends. You can identify your friend from the way he rings the bell, taps or opens the door, climbs the footsteps, etc. Similarly, you should be able to know the drug even when it is partially studied."
Dr. S.R. PhatakAbout the author:
S. R. Phatak (1896-1981)
Owing to his background in allopathic medicine he brought to homeopathy a very detailed knowledge of pharmacology (the study of how substances interact with living organisms to produce a change in function). His huge and consistently reliable input in both the repertory and materia medica is founded on clinical knowledge.