A Concise Repertory of Hom Medicines
Phatak, S.R.

A Concise Repertory of Hom Medicines
A Concise Repertory of Hom Medicines

Printed in India, hardback, 477 pages.

Size150 x 220mm
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From the cover:
This repertory is intended to serve as a handy and useful reference book. It is an attempt to lessen the difficulties of the prescriber. Remedies for a particular rubric are reduced to a minimum possible by careful selection.No drug is given unless there is a strong justification provided for it, by authorities like Dr. Boger, Dr. Kent, Dr Clarke's dictionary, etc.In this repertory, the headings including Mentals, Generals, Modalities, Organs, and their sub-parts are all arranged according to their alphabetical order. All the physiological and pathological conditions are also included. Cross references are given where-ever necessary.