Graduate interview - Elaine Stavert (Nutritional Therapy)

Graduate Elaine Stavert talks about studying Nutritional Therapy

“The Nutritional Therapy course has given me a new career that I can practice from home, with the hours that suit me, a deep understanding of my own health, and a thirst for more knowledge.”


I originally qualified as a Cordon Bleu chef, then later moved into television production and spent 12 years as a production manager. A move to the countryside started my interest in herbs, and after leaving my job in television I started a business making natural toiletries including organic cold processed soaps, skincare products and bath bombs.

Six and a half years ago I was forced to sell the business after suffering a major stroke which left me unable to walk, talk or read. I’d always been interested in natural therapies and during my rehabilitation my mum took me on a 7 day gut regime programme where we were introduced to castor oil packs and probiotics. There were lectures on health every day and I knew this was what I wanted to do.  I now run an online Nutritional Therapy practice, and am also qualified in Reiki and Kinesiology and am training to become a Naturopath. Working online really suits me - it means I can work the hours I want and take clients from all over the world.

I was initially drawn to the School of Health because of their presentation and attention to detail; I loved the layout of the website, the gilded logo and the high quality paper used in correspondence.  I attended some one-off sessions in Stroud and when I met the team I knew this was the right School for me. The tutors really encourage students and genuinely want you to succeed.  It’s more than just a business.  The School represents what true naturopathy is – it’s about passing on knowledge, not just making money.  

I’m a very visual learner so I loved the webinars, but I think the School ticks the box for all students through a mixed style of learning – written texts, audio recordings, in class events and additional recommended books. The 4 day workshop at the end is brilliant as it really consolidates everything through a series of case studies.

I’m a highly motivated person so studying online wasn’t a problem for me, but I would definitely recommend finding a study buddy to keep you motivated. The School Facebook page is a great place to link with others on the course. My best study tip would be to get used to talking about nutrition – practise verbalising what you’re learning to friends and family, and try to express it iin in a simple way.

I learnt that Nutritional Therapy doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you truly understand fundamental aspects of health like balancing blood sugar, stomach acid and appropriate hydration you can change so much without the need for expensive supplements or testing. I do sometimes use lab tests but the original naturopaths wouldn’t have had access to those and you can tell so much from visual clues – looking at the eyes, the nails and the skin. That’s one thing the School of Health does so well – they bring it back to true naturopathy.

My advice for anyone thinking about taking the course is just go for it, just start! It honestly changed my entire life. As well as giving me a new career it made me realise the value of balance; I understand my body much better and I understand how the choices I make affect my body. The course can give you a new career if you want it, but it will also change your life on a personal level.

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