The 1st October is the 10th anniversary of the date that Liz Light and Alison Wilding founded the SW Circle of Lakeland Homeopaths. Since then they have welcomed over 30 speakers to the group, each of whom has shared with us their own unique perspective, both on homeopathy and other related topics.

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It is fitting then that our speaker on Saturday 1 October will be one of the UK's 'founding father' homeopaths, Misha Norland, and he will be talking about The AIDS Miasm.  Here is Misha's description of the day:

"The theme of the AIDS nosode is boundaries and it may be used to shift cases that are not responding to seemingly well indicated remedies. 

Misha NorlandHIV brings about a failure of the immune system, of protective barriers between outside and inside.  Many HIV patients have boundary issues and may become entangled in unsuitable or dangerous relationships.  It might be said that the soul calls forth such experiences to provide the opportunity for growth.  The individual retreats into isolation when persistently threatened, yet at the same time yearns for connectedness.  Anger and destructive behaviours may also play out.

Within sexual misconduct and abuse, wars, genocide and even climate change, we witness the fragility of boundaries, both personal and societal.  How do we embrace these things without expressing these themes as symptoms which may appear to be resistant to straight forward pathways to cure.  It is not that our older remedies fail us, but rather that new ones are needed, and many of these fall within the bracket of the AIDS miasm."
Misha Norland needs no introduction.  A founding member of the SoH as well as founder of the School of Homeopathy he is one of the best known homeopaths in the UK.

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