Hilery Dorrian and Jonathan Stallick have been homeopathic colleagues, business partners and friends for 30 years and offer this fascinating double bill of homeopathic wisdom from the animal and mineral kingdoms, drawing on their many years of experience and practice.


Hilery will be looking at Lachesis but also many less well- known snake remedies. Hilery will look at the snake family themes and signature- those aspects which all snake remedies share, and seek to help us recognize when we may be looking at a patient who requires one of these wonderful remedies.
The remedies themselves (including Naja, Lachesis, Elaps, Cenchris Contortrix, Crotalus Cascavella and more) will be brought alive with cases from her clinic.

Hilery Dorrian is one of the UK’s most loved and respected homeopaths and teachers. She has taught at all the major UK colleges as well as in Europe and the US. Her teaching is characterised by both humour and clarity. She runs a busy practice in Lingfield, Surrey.


Periodic Table
Are you nervous or lacking confidence in the minerals and elements of the periodic table remedies?
Jonathan has been immersed in this approach since Jan Scholten brought out his first book in 1996.
Jonathan says: “…this approach transformed my practice, opening up cases that were previously impenetrable and shedding light on well known remedies, allowing them to be used with more confidence.”
The aim of this workshop is to introduce the periodic table in an enjoyable and practical way, making it user-friendly. There will be lots of case examples to ground the theory in reality plus exercises to help you understand the basic principles.

Jonathan Stallick is best known for his pioneering work with HIV/AIDS patients and his book AIDS: The Homeopathic Challenge. Jonathan has taught at all the major UK colleges and around the world including New Zealand, Mexico and South Africa. Jonathan’s teaching is clear, inspiring and practical.

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