UK Homeopath Emma Colley has published an article on her website celebrating all that is positive in UK homeopathy today, she also shares some brilliant links to the 4Homeopathy movement:

Homeopathy in the UK. It's been a funny old time recently, and yet I feel increasingly positive the tide is turning.  We needed a wake up call, we needed to work together as an organisation and we needed to grow together as a profession. Which has been one of the gifts that the skeptic movement has given us. 

Many of us practice homeopathy slightly differently to each other, indeed just as many General Practitioners practice slightly differently to each other.  We are working towards the same goal (both homeopaths and GPs too I guess albeit from even more different angles) - that of an increased level of health.  For the Homeopaths amongst us that may include a lower dependence on medication, a greater feeling of wellness, as well as a concrete reduction in symptoms for the patient.  Sometimes it's an education about living well as well as the remedy prescribed. It's an individual thing - and I believe it has to be. Afterall, my needs are very different from yours. It's the memory of the same goal, the same healing potential that we're aware of with this very incredible medicine that for me means it's essential to work as a coherent whole. We work with holistic medicine, so surely being holistic in our approach to each other is the way forwards?

It is for me anyway - and to be honest in all areas. I want to see integrated healthcare where the medics and complementary practitioners work to each others' strengths. I feel we have much to give. Working with food choices, homeopathy and other complementary medicines can make significant changes and improvements in health. Working together, both parties can provide better care for the individual.  However I digress. Tangents I am good at.

To read the full article and view Emma's fantastic website please follow this link

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