In a recent publication, the Daily Mail voted as their website of the week!

The article focused on Jo Wood's passion for homeopathy after she was misdiagnosed by a conventional doctor:

In 1992, Jo Wood was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, prescribed steroids, and – after two years – had surgery. But her problem wasn’t actually Crohn’s – it was a perforated appendix. ‘I was so angry that I vowed I would only return to a conventional doctor if I broke something. Meanwhile I would explore other avenues,’ says Jo. Homeopathy is a key therapy that Jo embraced. As well as consulting qualified homeopaths, Jo relies on her homeopathic kit for minor ailments.

Jo Wood supports Homeopathy Works for Me, a campaign launched by the British Homeopathic Association. (It works for me too, and millions worldwide.)

To read the full article on the Daily Mail online please click here

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